Robin Hood Sword 48"

Robin Hood Sword 48"


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Robin Hood became a popular folk figure starting in medieval times continuing through modern literature, films, and television. In the earliest sources Robin Hood is a commoner, but he was often later portrayed as an aristocrat wrongfully dispossessed of his lands and made into an outlaw by an unscrupulous sheriff. The books often had political-cultural undertones, championing Saxons (ethnic English) as heroes and the Normans (who had conquered England in 1066) as unjust tyrants.
Robin of Locksley is one of many names applied to the legendary and beloved character of Robin Hood. He was a dispossessed nobleman who battled the tyranny and oppression of Norman lords to protect the poor people of his former earldom. This is the mighty sword he wielded while on the Third Crusade and in England. Measuring 48" overall, this impressive sword features a double-edged 38" stainless steel blade with laser etchings and medieval blade pattern. The hilt consists of a black handle with cast metal spacers, which coordinate with the engraved cast metal guard and pommel. The distinctive round pommel contains an emerald gemstone mounted in a cross design, and the pommel bears the legend "Robin of Locksley" on side and “Earl of Huntington" on the other. This item includes a wood wall mount for easy display. This is superb item that will make a valued addition to any collection!

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