Blade - 35" Sword Of the Daywalker W/ Hard Scabbard

Blade - 35" Sword Of the Daywalker W/ Hard Scabbard


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The movie begins with a flashback of a pregnant woman being hospitalized after being bitten by, as one of the doctors said, some kind of wild animal. In the process of trying to revive her, she gives birth to her baby boy and dies.
The next scene proceeds to the present and continues with a seductive woman bringing an unsuspecting man to a dance club connected to a meat market. As the scene progresses, the man realizes something is amiss. His fears are soon confirmed when blood begins to pour down from the sprinkler system. Then it is revealed that the club's patrons are vampires.
 Blade Daywalker Sword AND Scabbard. 35" Overall Sword Length, 440 Stainless Steel Blade, Hidden Dagger included in the handle of the Sword. Wooden Stand is not included. Scabbard overall length 28", Black composite construction with imitation leather covering, metal fittings, adjustable nylon straps.

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