Blade - 36 1/3" Sword of the Daywalker w/stand

Blade - 36 1/3" Sword of the Daywalker w/stand


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Blade arms himself for a raid on Frost's base, taking along with him specially-designed pneumatic syringes loaded with EDTA (which has a highly volatile reaction to vampire blood). During his attack on the base, Blade fights his way through Frost's men and learns his mother did not die, is now Frost's vampire mistress, and it was Frost himself who had bitten his mother during her pregnancy. Blade is subdued by the guards, who knock him out and take him to the Temple of Eternal Night, where Frost reveals the final stages of his plan -Using Blades blood and the sacrifice of the twelve pureblood vampire leaders, he intends to ressurect La Magra. Through the ritual Frost becomes an eminently more powerful gaining superior speed, strength, and the ability to instantly regnerate limbs.
The Blade Sword of the Daywalker with display stand. Every detail has been expertly duplicated to please even the most serious collectors. The blade is of polished stainless steel and has a full metal handle. There is also a hidden dagger in the back of the Blade Sword of the Daywalker.
A) 36 1/3" overall length
B) 440 Stainless Steel double edge blade
C) Hidden Dagger in the sword's handle
D) Black lacquered display stand included Free!
E) Intricately designed metal handle - like in the movie

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