Snake & Storm Samurai Sword Set Combo (Limited Production)


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The katana (?) is Japanese for backsword and often refers to the uchigatana after the Muromachi period, which is a type of Japanese sword (å,, nihontM?), also commonly referred to as a "samurai sword", and generally defined as the standard size moderately curved (as opposed to the older "tachi" style featuring more curvature) Japanese sword with a blade length of greater than 60 cm (23.6 inches).
Make way for the New Snake & Storm Samurai Sword Set. Each Sword is handcrafted with stainless steel blade and custom grips and guards. Overall length on both Katanas is 42". This set is great for any collector and includes a two piece table sword stand for display. You will not find a better price on these collector replicas anywhere on the planet. Get your set before they are gone!

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