Foam Padded Dragon Nunchaku Karate Practice 13"

Foam Padded Dragon Nunchaku Karate Practice 13"


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The Nunchaku is one of the best known of the martial artists Nunchaku , made infamous by Bruce Lee. However, interestingly the origin of the nunchaku is still a great mystery. Many theories have come about concerning the Nunchaku , from an evolution of a farmer's tool to the baton of a night watchman and the evolution of a wooden horse bridle. Most of these theories have been proven false due to the economics of the country and the reign of its rulers. It is very likely that the nunchaku was created in Okinawa and probably the nobles of Okinawa.
However, it was never very popular until recent times. This is interesting since the nunchaku is a very effective against opponents using short ranged Nunchaku or unarmed opponents.
Attributes of the Nunchaku:
  • This set of Nunchakus is a practice set with a plastic core covered by a dense closed cell foam.
  • The connection between the two batons is a stainless steel chain with steel fittings and a smooth ball bearing joint.
  • The foam of the batons is blue with a golden dragon down the sides.
  • The nunchakus are perfectly balanced and weighted.
  • The practice nunchakus are perfect for learning the skill and not having bruises, or just messing around.
  • Product of Origin : Made in Taiwan
  • Product Material: Closed Cell Foam
  • Overall / Baton Length : 30 inch , 13 inch 
  • Condition: New

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