Tian Pro -Two Blade Ninja with Sliding Handle and Wood Scabbard 40"

Tian Pro -Two Blade Ninja with Sliding Handle and Wood Scabbard 40"


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Tian Po Sword 40" overall

Movable Handle - switch from a traditional sword to a double sword by moving the handle to the center of the blade

440 stainless steel blades. Switches from a one bladed sword to a 2 bladed sword by button mechanisn.

This is a unique one! Within its scabbard, this appears to be an ordinary ninja sword. Take it out of is scabbard and you will notice a space within the blade itself, which runs down the length of the blade, along with a notch at the top and in the center. On the nylon-wrapped handle is a brass "button." Push it and you can move the handle down the length of the blade. Release the button near a notch in the blade and "click," the handle locks into place and you can do battle with a double sword!

The handle is designed so that the scabbard can fit via two notches on either side. What is extra great about this sword is that the blade is stainless steel! Yes! 440 stainless steel. No rust. No worries. A very special and valuable addition to any collection.

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