Medieval War Hammer 27"

Medieval War Hammer 27"


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This is a superb replica of one of the most dominant weapons on the 15th century battlefield. The war hammer was an important tool in the arsenal of the medieval soldier, who often fought against opponents in heavy armor. The war hammer allowed him to deal heavy forceful blows against an opponent clad in the thickest armor.
Later hammers added a hardened point to the head to penetrate through lightly armored areas. This versatile model combines both of those strengths!
Our medieval war hammer measures 27" overall, and is capped with a stainless steel hammerhead which features unique detailed engraving and the piercing point.
The hardwood handle is accented with cast metal plating and a carbon steel tip. This is an outstanding item for the medieval enthusiast or military collector!

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When plate armor started to become more common, edged weapons became less effective. As a result many types of piercing or concussive weapons were developed including the war hammer. With a hammer head on one side and an armor piercing spike on the other it was equally useful against mail and plate a like. This replica features a solid steel head securely affixed to a square hardwood shaft with steel end cap.

Overall Length: 27 In
3 lb 3 oz

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