Hanwei - Great Wave Series Wakizashi -26 1/2"

Hanwei - Great Wave Series Wakizashi -26 1/2"


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Manufacturer Part Number SH5002
Brand CAS Iberia
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Each piece in the Great wave Series is stylized with the renowned Tomoe motif.
The tsuba, fuchi, & kashira are made of black iron and marked with the Tomoe crest (mon).
The blades are hand-forged from T10 high-carbon steel and are differentially tempered using traditional claying methods.
The temper line (hamon) is evident and prominent. Each piece has a deeply lacquered black saya with a one-piece brass habaki construction. Real ray skin (same) is used on the tsuka, and the tsuka-ito and sageo are made of premium woven Japanese black cotton.
The katana and wakizashi are constructed with a large o-kissaki and are ideal for cutting exercises (tameshigiri).
The handle on the tanto is an attractive ribbed buffalo horn. High-carbon steel Deeply lacquered black saya Ideal for cutting exercises
  • Handle length: 6 1/2
  • Overall length: 26 1/2
  • Weight: 1lb 11oz
  • Thickness: .29

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