Hanwei - Golden Oriole Series - Wakizashi 27 1/2"

Hanwei - Golden Oriole Series - Wakizashi 27 1/2"


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Brand CAS Iberia
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During the Muromachi period (1568-1603), the introduction of the pairing of the Katana (the curved sword) and Wakizashi was introduced.
The Wakizashi, or the shorter companion blade to the Katana, was about 18 inches long.
Only the warrior class - the Samurai - was allowed to wear the two swords, which remained a custom for the next several hundred years until abolished in the 19th century.
This Wakizashi is the companion piece to the Golden Oriole Katana, with matching fittings and blade construction.
Overall Length: 27-1/2"
Blade: 20"
Handle: 6-3/4"
Thickness: .27"
Weight: 1lbs 10oz

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