Japanese Golden Bamboo Katana 40 1/2"

Japanese Golden Bamboo Katana 40 1/2"


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This is a Japanese Golden Bamboo 1060 Carbon Steel Katana. The blade has been handmade with 1060 high carbon steel, hammered out so that the carbon is evenly disributed throughout the blade for a consistent hardness. A bloodline has been added to the top of the blade to decrease the weight of the blade and give audible feedback when swung and it also includes Japanese inscriptions which says "Bamboo Tree". The blade also features an o-kissake and comes with a thin edge already sharpened. This sword is full tang, double pegged. The scabbard is hard wood with a black glossy finish and a hardened Koi-Guchi (scabbard throat) and features a hand carved bamboo tree. The sage-o is black cotton cord wrapped around a wooden kurigata. The habaki is a one piece brass construction. The seppas are copper. The tsuba is solid dark steel with Golden Bamboo patterening both sides. The Fuchi dark steel with matching bamboo tree as the tsuba. The Tsuka is constructed of hard wood over the tang of the blade with a black cotton cord wrap and an imitation ray skin same. Two bamboo mekugi secures the tang to the Tsuka while two golden menuki is found on each side of the handle. The Kashira is dark polished oval steel with depicting the Golden Bamboo tree. This sword comes with a free sword bag with yellow bamboo tree imprints.

Overall Length: 40.5 Inches
Blade Length: 28 Inches
Blade: Full Tang, Hammered, 1060 Carbon Steel, Inscriptions
Handle Length: 11 Inches
Includes: Free Sword Bag, Yellow Bamboo Imprints
Scabbard: Wood, Black High Gloss Finish, Bamboo Tree Carvings

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