Azan 13th Century Viking Battle Axe 23 1/2"

Azan 13th Century Viking Battle Axe 23 1/2"


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With a length of 23.5 Inches, this Viking Battle Axe is a perfect decorative piece. It is extremely light weight, made of aluminum. The handle is wooden. On the opposing side of the blade there is a spike or pick. This reflects the authentic battle axe style. The blade also features a unique blood groove, often found in Viking and German battle axes. The wooden handle is stained the natural wood color for an axe from the 13th century. The handle is also grooved, which might be an improvement so the battle axe would not slip in the hands of it's wielder.

Battle Axes were design for use in combat. They were derived from the utility Axe for a specific purpose. In history, the weight of a common battle Axe was between 0.5kg and 3.5kg. Some Axes were wielded with one hand, while others required two hands. The Axe was originally just a wedge. As ancient technology progressed, humans were able to perfect the Axe design into what it is today.

  • Overall Length: 23.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: Appx. 4.5 Inches
  • Blade: Zinc Aluminum, Battle Style, Decorative
  • Handle: Wooden, Grooved

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