Takeda Shingen Historical Japanese Warrior Katana 37"

Takeda Shingen Historical Japanese Warrior Katana 37"


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The carbon steel of the blade is angled and has a reproduced hand hammered surface pattern. The full 27 inches of the tang is sharpened to a bitter edge for exacting authenticity. The 3mm thick blade is 1 inch wide conveying a time of historical development. A brass guard is fixed to the sword depicting the nature of the events. The wooden handle is wound wrapped with the traditional hemp used for swords before Ray Skin was common. The brass pommel is weighted and tailored for the sword with a warriors design on the end. A wooden scabbard is also included with the sword individually carved. The scabbard is flat black and wound wrapped with hemp towards the top. 

This replica katana is designed to match the specifications for the ultimate display of historical Japan. The history of Japan may be tainted with the blood of it's ancestors, but the heritage has enlightened people around the world. This Takeda Shingen Katana represents one of the famous warlords to have fought with the traditional arts of war. Each sword is individually tagged with it's own historical publication. Traditional crests and actual signatures are reproduced to express the dedication put into the sword.

  • Overall Length: 37 Inches
  • Blade Length: 27 Inches
  • Blade: Carbon Steel, Oiled, Sharp
  • Handle: 9 Inches, Traditional Hemp Wrapped
  • Guard: Brass, Antiqued, Samurai Warrior
  • Scabbard: Wooden, Flat Black, Carved

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