Kunai Uzumaki Naruto Manga Set of 3 Throwing Knives

Kunai Uzumaki Naruto Manga Set of 3 Throwing Knives


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Set of three!
This is the all new Metal Kunai Naruto Knife Set. This knife set comes with 3 Metal Kunai Knives. Each Knives measure 6 1/2" Overall Length. The Kunai Throwing Blades are amazingly similar to tools seen in the popular anime series. The Black Naruto Kunai Throwing Blades can be seen in many diffrent games, Anime throughout the ages and often appear on the belt of ninjas. The handle is wrap with Black nylon cloth that protects the hand and give it a firm grip. Kunai Knives A dagger of choice of most genins and a good blade at that. It can be thrown like a shrunken but can also be used as a close hand to hand combat dagger. You can do pretty much anything with these babies.

More About Naruto:
Naruto was born on October 10th to Minato Namikaze the Fourth Hokage, and Kushina Uzumaki a ninja from the former Whirlpool Country, and was named after the lead character in Jiraiya's book. As a newborn infant, the nine-tailed demon fox, which had attacked the village of Konoha, was sealed within Naruto's body by his father. Despite the Fourth Hokage's wish that Naruto be seen as a hero who contained the demon, the villagers of Konoha harbored a fierce hatred for the young child, since he bore the spirit of the demon who decimated their once peaceful village. Naruto wasn't even aware of the presence of the demonic entity inside him until he was twelve years old, leaving him confused for most of his childhood about why the villagers of Konoha hated him so much. Fortunately, Naruto was befriended by his compassionate ninja instructor, a Chunin named Iruka Umino. Though Iruka's own parents perished at the hands of the demon fox, Iruka didn't blame Naruto for their deaths. Instead, Iruka accepted Naruto and empathized with the boy's desire to be accepted, since he too once had the same desire. He may have been the first person to believe in Naruto, and has made a lasting impact on Naruto himself. It is through Iruka's presence as Naruto's only family figure that Naruto learns to overcome his sadness.

  • Overall Length: 6.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 3.5 Inches
  • Blade: Stainless Steel, Black, Factory Sharp
  • Handle: Black Cord Wrapped
  • Includes: Free Nylon Sheath

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