Spring Steel Chinese Exorcist Tai Chi Sword Martial Art Jian


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Chinese Exorcism is almost as old as the Chinese culture itself.  In the ancient time, many different objects were used by exorcists.  Eventually, seal and exorcism sword became two standard tools for exorcists after Taoism became popular.  Exorcist swords are also often used as a Fengshui tool/decoration item to guard a household from evil spirits. 

This is a Chinese Exorcist Sword Jian suitable for normal martial arts practice and Fengshui decoration.  The 40” sword features a 33” spring steel constructed blade.  The blade is flexible, slightly sharpened, and can be easily further sharpened.  On the guard and the pommel of the swords are symbols of bats which rhythms to Fortune in Chinese.  The wood constructed scabbard features three copper decoration settings with beautiful and detailed symbols and runes for fortune, longevity, and wealth.   On the blade are engravings of a dragon on one side, and Exorcist Sword engraving in Chinese on the other. 

Item Specification


Spring Steel and Wood


Chinese Exorcist Sword Jian



Overall Length


Blade Length


Sword Color


Handle/Guard Color



Wood Scabbard


Brand New

  • Material - Spring Steel and Wood
  • Type - Chinese Exorcist Sword Jian
  • Blade- Sharpened
  • Overall Length - 39"
  • Blade Lenght - 33"
  • Sword Color - Silver
  • Handle/Gaurd Color- copper/wood
  • Accessories- Wood Scabbard

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