Musashi Samurai-SS673-1 44"

Musashi Samurai-SS673-1 44"


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Battle Ready Musashi Samurai Swords

Musashi swords are coveted by Samurai and sword enthusiasts alike. Why? Because the Musashi sword is synonymous with the legend himself, Miyamoto Musashi. Just as fans around the world like to buy named items of their favorite players, Musashi is the Babe Ruth of Samurai. Owning an authentic Musashi Samurai sword makes a collector feel empowered.

Miyamoto Musashi is hands down the best Samurai warrior to have ever carried a Daito (the longer samurai sword) and Wakizashi (the medium sized sword). It is said that he was in over 60 sword fights before he retired. Afterwards he wrote a book called "The Book of Five Rings" in which he teaches the art of samurai sword fighting. The book continues to be a favorite teaching aid to true samurai form, sword fighting, tactics and philosophy.

The word Samurai means "the one who serves". The samurai led very disciplined lives. They strived always to achieve perfection of the martial arts and their character. Samurai were expected to be capable of bringing the same degree of discipline to the social community as they would to the removal of an enemy's head in battle. This warrior's choice of weapon was the Katana. The katana is a devastatingly quick and powerful weapon. The Samurai viewed the Katana as almost a living thing which they greatly revered. These powerful yet graceful Katanas are made with the old ways in the mountains of China. These are full tanged, battle ready, and razor sharp.

This beautiful Samurai Katana is made of traditionally hand forged high carbon steel, done with the tsukurikomi process. The tsukurikomi process combines four kinds of steels; hagane (edge), shingane (core), mungane (back) and kawagane (side) steels, with different carbon contents. By this process, the hasaki (edge) side becomes high carbon steel and the mune (back) side possesses low carbon steel. This process is what makes this sword such a formidable weapon.

This Musashi Samurai Katana comes with a hard scabbard, and silk bag. This beautiful Katana features a real Ray skin wrapped grip. The tsuba is in the shape of the Musashi company logo. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and has the serial number stamped on the tang.

ª Overall Length: 43.5"
ª Blade Length: 29.5"
ª Blade Width: Beginning at 0.280 to 0.2180 at Point
ª Blade Material: High Temper Carbon Steel
ª Handle Material: 11"
ª Includes: Kissaki Length: 1.568" and Tsuba: 3.5" with a sword weight of 2.5 lbs

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