Hellboy Kroenen Bobblehead 8"

Hellboy Kroenen Bobblehead 8"


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Hellboy has faced many, many supernatural foes over the years. Kroenen is a mysterious and seemingly immortal assassin, with a deadly mastery of blades, stealth, and agility. The necrotic Nazi ninja serves Rasputin in his quest to unleash Hell on Earth.
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Bonus Hellboy II Trivia:
  • Just like the first film, none of the cast member's names are written on the posters, mentioned in the trailers or shown in the opening credits.
  • The number 7 appears throughout the movie, most notably when it is stated that the Golden Army consists of "70 times 70", but also during the scene in the auction house, where the crown piece is listed as lot 777, with a starting price of $7,000,000.
  • During one of the news reports, the ticker at the bottom of the screen mentions that Blade II (2002) - a film also directed by Guillermo del Toro - was voted to be entered into the national film archive.

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