Knights Medieval Wooden Practice Sword 47"

Knights Medieval Wooden Practice Sword 47"


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Talk about valor and courage from the men who wielded these types of swords back in the Medieval Ages. Well swordsswords is now pleased to present to you this well made, thick construction, all natural polish wooden Medieval sword. This sword is 100% safe and very light weighted. It is made for any one, young and old alike. This Knights Medieval Wooden Practice Sword goes perfect at any Renaissance Festival with all the medieval bells and whistles. The handle is very well made and molded down to the cross guard which is then attach to the blade. The blade itself carries a unique blood grove on both ends to give you solid swing. Folks, you owe your self to this sword.

  • Overall Length: 47.1 Inches
  • Blade Length: 36.25 Inches
  • Blade: Wooden, Practice, Medieval
  • Handle Length: 7.75 Inches
  • Finish: Natural, Lacquer Polish
Not the acutal sword pictured- but the actualy fun:

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