Medieval Practice Wooden Waster Great Sword Prop 45"

Medieval Practice Wooden Waster Great Sword Prop 45"


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The Waster is one of the oldest forms of practice weapons. Wasters made their first appearance when it became apparent that people needed a way to train with swords without being killed. The Waster can be found in societies ranging from ancient Greece and Egypt to Medieval Europe, Feudal Japan and the modern US.

Over the course of its life the Waster has undergone many changes, beginning with a simple the stick, the Waster eventually was made with all the same aspects as a steel sword. In the modern world the Waster still has a large following from Medieval Reconstruction groups, Plays, and the Renaissance Fair.

This is the Medieval Practice Wooden Waster Great Sword.
  • -The Sword has been constructed of close fitting pieces.
  • -A ridge runs down the center of the swords blade.
  • -The tip of the sword has been rounded off for safety.
  • -The guard is built tough with the classic design of the Long Sword.
  • -The handle is a two handed design painted black.
  • Overall Length:45 "
  • Handle Length:10.5 "
  • Blade Length:33.75 "
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