Musashi Handmade Sword Samurai Katana Tokugawa Mon Gold Plated Tsuba 40 3/4


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The Mon was the heraldic symbol of Japanese families and organizations. In many ways the Mon were similar to European heraldry. The Mon was used on army standards to identify the clans. Aristocratic families would pass on the Mon from generation to generation.

Traditional Japanese formal attire typically featured the Mon. However, the Mon differed from European heraldry in that commoners could use a Mon. The Mon was also not limited to identifying aristocratic families but also businesses, guilds, and even outlaw organizations. Further more the commoner could choose their own Mon, as long as it did not violate the laws of the times. This Katana features on of the most recognized Mon in Japanese history...the Mon of Tokugawa.

The sword includes a certificate of authenticity, and sword bag.

According to Japanese mythology Ryujin was the god of the seas. Similar to Chinese mythology, the ruler of the seas took the form of a dragon. His palace was under the ocean and constructed from red and white coral. Jelly fish, sea turtles and fish were his servants. The rulers of Japan would trace their lineage to Ryujin. Because of this fact, it was recorded that the Empress Jingu was able to control the tides that won the victory over the Korean navy.

The sword includes a certificate of authenticity, and sword bag.
  • Blade: The blade of the sword has been hand crafted of high carbon steel. The carbon has been hand hammered throughout the blade to give the blade a consistent hardness. A Bo-Hi has been added to the top of the blade to better balance the blade and give audible feedback when the sword is swung. A Hamon runs the length of the blade ending at the blade's Kissaki. The blade comes full tang and sharpened.
  • Saya: The Saya has been constructed from wood with a high gloss blue lacquer finish. A black cotton Sageo has been tied around a bright copper Kurigata. The Koiguchi has been hardened.
  • Tsuba: The Habaki is a one piece brass construction over a brass Seppa. The Tsuba features five Tokugawa Mons in gold and silver plate on an oxidized copper background.
  • Tsuka: The Fuchi also features gold and silver plated Tokugawa Mons. The Tsuka core is wooden with a Ray Skin Same wrapped over the wood. A black cotton Ito has been wrapped over the Same. Two bamboo Mekugi secure the tang in the Tsuka. Oxidized copper Menuki decorate each side of the Tsuka. The Kashira is the same design as the Fuchi.
  • Overall Length: 40.75 "
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Length: 29.5 "
  • Blade: Razor Sharp
  • Handle Length: 11 "
  • Fittings: Copper, Gold Plate, Silver Plate
  • Condition: Brand New
  • HRC: 55

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