Oxidized Copper Daigoro Tsuba Samurai Sword Guard

Oxidized Copper Daigoro Tsuba Samurai Sword Guard


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The Tsuba is recognized as the most artistic part of the traditional Samurai sword. Most Tsubas were created separate from the blade by Kodogu whose lives were spent creating the sword fittings. In this day and age, when swords have become obsolete for survival, the Tsuba has become a collectors piece for serious to novice sword collectors. The Tsuba can be fitted on the blade of a sword or displayed alone.

This Tsuba is hand made of oxidized copper in the old tradition featuring a Mimi (rim). The face of the tsuba is a design of water in relief. The Tsuba is a Mokko Gata style with the Kozuka Hitsu-ana on one side and the Kogai Hitsu-ana on the opposite side, each side represents the sun and the moon.

The Tsuba comes in a wooden collector's box with a red velvet lining. 

3.375" X 3.375", thickness .25"
This Tsuba has been fitted for most of our hand made series, and all of our Hand Forged Musashi series.

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