Hand Forged Chinese Shao Lin Damo Sword Martial Arts Jian 25"


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This is a hand made high carbon steel Chinese Shao Lin Damo Martial Arts sword.  Shao Lin Temple is one of the oldest Chinese martial arts schools and buddhism holy land. It is regarded as the famous and recognized orthodox and righteous sects in all martial art schools. Its home base is in the Shong Mountain, one of the five sacred mountains in China. Shaolin are often said to lay the foundation of all Chinese martial art forms including its biggest rivalry, Wu Tang schools.   Throughout Chinese history, Shaolin temple developed hundreds of different martial arts techniques.  It not only taught generations of martial arts practioners, but also joined battles to aid the government in Tang and Ming dynasties.

This Shao lin martial art sword features a high carbon steel contructed double edge blade.  The blade is full tang constructed, and fully sharpened on both edges.  A ridge line runs down the blade to the tip of the blade. 

The scabbard of this sword is contructed from hardwood, finished in black with claret high lights.  At the mouth of the scabbard is a steel cover with engraving of Shao Lin Temple's founder, Damo. The end of the scabbard is a steel cover with engravings of Shao Lin temple's tower tomb on both side.  The hand guard is in temple house shape with buddha sitting in the middle, and the writing of Shao Lin Temple on top. The handle is in bamboo style finishing.  A tassle with two Chinese knots is attached to the end of the pommel. 

This Shao Lin Damo sword is shorter than normal Taichi sword, it measures at 25" in overall length and the blade is measured at 19".
  • Material- High Carbon Steel
  • Type - Chinese Shao Lin Damo Sword Jian
  • Blade - Fully Sharpened
  • Overall Length  - 25"
  • Blade Length - 19”
  • Sword Color - Steel
  • Handle/Guard Color - Copper/Wood
  • Accessories - Wood Scabbard
  • Condition - Brand New

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