Pair of Battle Ready Chausses Chain Mail Leggings

Pair of Battle Ready Chausses Chain Mail Leggings


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Pair for both legs!
Complete the chain mail armor outfit with this battle ready pair of Chausses. 15 pounds of stainless steel alloy rings protect your lower limbs and joints, where plate armor is lacking. Each ring is solid 8 AWG steel for superb protection. This armor is authentic, made by the best Medieval metalsmith techniques available. Patterns of the rings follows the traditional 4 in 1 Interlocking method of construction. This pattern style produces an effective armor strength that doubles the steel gauge.

Survivability was an important characteristic of battle for medieval European warfare. However, chain mail armor was not restricted to just Europe, as it was popular in Asia and the Middle East. Generally, chain mail was worn by nobility figures, war leaders, and wealthy soldiers due to it's production expenses. Chain mail can mean a difference of life or death in a battle. It protects against all various weapon types including blades and projectiles.

Overall Length: 51.5 Inches
Leg Length: 30 Inches
Thigh Width: 13 Inches
Foot Length: Size 8 to Size 11.5
Construction: Stainless Steel Alloy, Chain Link Rings
Chain Link Diameter: 12 mm
Chain Link Ring Thickness: 8 AWG
Chain Link Pattern: 4 in 1 Interlocking
Fitment: Adult Sizes

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