New CRKT® Eros- by Ken Onion 7"


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The new CRKT® Eros™ designed by Ken Onion is named Imported Knife of the Year at the 2010 Blade show in Atlanta. The ultra-lightweight knife  features titanium build and stiction-free IKBS ball-bearing pivots.

Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®) and noted knife designer Ken Onion are proud announce that their collaborative production knife, Eros™, was named Imported Knife of the Year at the 2010 Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair in Atlanta, Georgia, held June 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2010.
 CRKT President Rod Bremer said, “Blade Show awards are chosen by our peers in the knife and tool industry, and we are always gratified when they select one of our products, because they know the world of cutlery inside and out.”
 The Eros K455TXP is a featherweight folder with 6AL4V titanium frame-lock build. It has a 3.0” blade, yet weighs only 1.4 ounces.
 Ken was inspired in the design of this new knife by the study of organic natural shapes and modern building design. He realized that he could maintain strength, achieve light weight, and provide gripping surfaces, by the thoughtful removal of frame material with CNC-controlled machining. The resulting folders are ergonomic, simple, and strong.
 The Eros features a blade of premuium Acuto+ stainless steel in a high satiln finish with a Razor-Sharp cutting edge. We call the blade shape, with its high hollow grind and swedged top edge, a “Ken Onion drop point”
 The knife is opened instantly with one hand just by pressing the small flipper extension of the blade. Ken has incorporated the IKBS internal knife ball-bearing pivot system which gives almost unbelievable silky smooth and fast opening action. For safety while closed, the blade has a ball detent.
 Even the best conventional blade pivot bearings have some degree of friction which resists initial movement, or “stiction.” In contrast, the Eros blade opening action is almost friction-free due to the IKBS ball-bearing system. This innovative and simple design places uncaged ball bearings on each side of the blade pivot in races which are machined into the blade and handle. It is compact and adjustable at the blade pivot screw if ever needed. Not only is opening and closing exceptionally smooth, the IKBS system is durable, requires little maintenance, and yields a folder with great rigidity and no blade play.
 Eros models are open build knives which use titanium frames in a coarse bead-blast finsh and stainless steel back spacers. In typical Ken Onion attention to detail, the frame lock does not create an unsightly gap in the right frame, but its cut is neatly integrated into the grip design of the frame, which is CNC machined with a checked pattern, a series of grooves, and 21 small lightening holes.
 Eros models feature custom-designed, high-mounted, removable stainless steel pocket clips.  
 The Eros™ K455TXP is a full-size production folder with custom knife quality. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $200.00.

K455TXP:  Bead Blast Titanium Frame, Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge
Blade:  Length: 3.00” (76 mm)
  Thickness: 0.079” (2.0 mm)       
Steel:   Acuto+, 59-60 HRC       
Closed:  Handle Length: 4.00” (102 mm)
Open:  Overall Length: 7.00” (178 mm)     
Weight:  1.4 oz. (40 g)

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