Martial Arts Full Sized Long Bo - 6 Feet , 72"


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Full sized and ready to fight, this Long Bo meets the criteria necessary to compete full time. The awesome Ratan styling is burned into the wood, with a hard Urethane coating over the entire surface. For training and Martial Arts like Bojutsu and Karate schools. The finish is natural stained Hardwood, with a resistant Urethane coating. A good whack with this Long Bo produces a loud crack sound. The strong Hardwood lasts a lifetime of abuse. The engravings are Ratan style, and burned into the Hardwood of the Long Bo. After testing this Martial Arts Long Bo several times, we found it is strong and feels smooth to the hands. These are some quality characteristics we look for in real Martial Arts training Long Bo. Features a flat cut end, full sized Long Bo.

Master the Art of using a Long Bo, including Bojutsu and other arts. This Ratan style Long Bo suits both training purposes, and professional practice. It is easily handled and balances perfect on both sides. Karate schools around the world train students to use the Long Bo because it is such a commonly improvised sword of defense.

Overall Length: 72.1 Inches
Diameter: 1.15 Inches
Material: Hardwood
Center of Balance: 36.05 Inches
Finish: Burn-in Engraving, Stained, Urethane

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