Musashi Handmade Forge Folded Japanese Katana Sword 41 1/2"

Musashi Handmade Forge Folded Japanese Katana Sword 41 1/2"


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Katanas have been said to be one of the greatest swords ever created. This is ironic since Japan has such poor materials for making swords. The iron of Japan is inferior by most standards and there is a relatively small amount to be found on the island. These factors meant that when a sword was to be made it had to be of the best quality. The sword smiths would labor over the sword and many believed that part of the smiths soul became a part of the sword.

This sword is the newest creation from the Musashi forge. The sword has been authentically created in all aspects. The blade has been forge folded and comes razor sharp.

The Katana Includes:
  1. A Sword Bag,
  2. Wooden Collectors Box,
  3. Cleaning Kit,
  4. and Certificate of Authenticity. 

•Attributes of the Katana:
•Blade: The blade has been forge folded resulting in a beautiful grain pattern.
•The hamon is authentic, created by covering the entire blade of the sword, except for the Ha, with a special mixture of clay. The blade has then been heated and quenched in pure spring water. Since the Ha has been left exposed it cools much more rapidly than the rest of the blade. The molecules of the Ha expand and bend back the rest of the blade (this is what gives the Katana its signature curve). The molecules of the Ha become crystalline and very hard while the Mune remains soft.
•The blade features a Chu Kissake, O-Maru temper line through the Kissake, Doran Hamon along the Ha, raised ridged, and low Mune. The blade comes full tang and razor sharp.
•Please note that this sword is from the newest batch and no longer comes with a honsanmai lamination.
•Saya: The Saya of the sword has been constructed from hard wood with blue high gloss finish. A black silk Sage-o has been tied around the bright copper Kurigata of the sword. The Koi-Guchi is has been hardened.
•Tsuba: The Habaki is a one piece brass construction. A brass Seppa secures the Tsuba to the Habaki and features the Musashi symbol. The Tsuba has been constructed from brass with a traditional cut out design and landscape with a man fishing. A second Seppa secures the Tsuba to the Tsuka.
•Tsuka: The Fuchi is brass with a Koi. The Tsuka core is wooden with a ray skin Same and black silk Ito. Two bamboo Mekugis secure the tang in the Tsuka. The two Menuki are blackened oxidized copper created in the likeness of dragons. The Kashira another Koi.
Overall Length: 41.5 "
Blade: Razor Sharp
Blade Length: 29.5 "
Blade Width @ Habaki: 1.2”
Blade Thickness @ Habaki: 0.3”
Blade Width @ Kissaki: 0.9”
Blade Thickness @ Kissaki: 0.2”
Kissaki Length: 1.6”
Sori: 0.6”
Blade Material: Folded Carbon Steel
Tsuka Length: 11 "
Hardness: 40 HRC/57 HRC
Blade Width Length: 1.125 "
Fittings: Brass
Handle Material: Ray Skin
Accessories: Wooden Collectors Box, Cleaning Kit, Sword Bag, & Certificate of Authenticity

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