Bleach Ichigo Bankai Costume Sword Wooden 35"

Bleach Ichigo Bankai Costume Sword Wooden 35"


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Bleach - Renji Abari's Awakened Zanpakuto - Wooden 52"


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The Shinigami powers drawn from the Bankai form multiply fighting potential. Ichigo Kurosaki, the substitute Soul Reaper, happens to be one of the strongest of the Soul Reapers. This wooden costume sword expresses the true form of Ichigos Zanpakutō Bankai Sword, Zangetsu. The size of the sword is linear to the size of the owners spiritual power, but when transformed into the Bankai form, Ichigos Zanpakutō compresses into a fast blade.

The Bleach Ichigo Bankai Wooden Costume Sword is a great unit to carry with your costume or outfit. Many fans use this harmless wooden sword at Dragon-Con, Anime-Con, Quake-Con, and many other social gatherings. If you are looking for the best costume Ichigo Bankai sword, this will perform as number one. Has an aluminum chain with steel tip.

Overall Length: 35 Inches
Handle Length: 9.5 Inches
Blade Length: 25 Inches
Guard Thickness: 1/2 Inches
Handle Wrap: Black Nylon Cord, Red Core
Scabbard: Wooden, Gloss Black Finish

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