Resident Evil Alice Anti Zombie Knife Set of 2 & Holster 15 1/4"


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Set of Two Knives!
Alice, the main character in Resident Evil worked for the Umbrella Corporation. During a catastrophic failure to steal military technology, Alice was infected with a man-made virus. After she was captured and recovered by the Corporation, she was modified and became a super human. Wielding these knives, she is the heroin of the catastrophe. 

We now offer these knives as a set to you. Each has a stainless steel blade, uniquely shaped for Alice's style of combat. Because of it's shape, one of these knives can be thrown and will easy hit a target. Each knife is about 15 Inches long and comes with a holster that can be strapped onto the back. These are stainless steel, so they require little maintenance and will not rust. Note: Not meant for use in real combat.

Overall Length: Each 15.25 Inches Long
Blade Length: 10 Inches
Blade: Kukri, Stainless Steel, Fat Curved
Handle: Wooden, Dark Brown, Riveted
Includes: Holsters For Back, Strap

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