Pair of Wakizashi Set Wooden Bokken Practice Samurai Sword 31 1/2"


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The bokken is typically used as a training tool for learning Kendo, Iaido or Kenjutsu training. The bokken is constructed as a wooden imitation of a katana, although the bokken typically has a better balance than most swords found on the market today.

The greatest proponent of the bokken would be Musashi. Musashi fought around 60 duels in his life time, and never lost one. For the majority of the duels Musashi used only a bokken. In many cases he crippled or even killed his opponent. In his most famous duel, with Saski Kojiro, he carved a bokken from a boat oar and overtook Saski, who was wielding a Nodachi.

This is the Wakazashi Length Wooden Bokken Practice Sword Set
  • -The bokkens are constructed from wood with a black glossy finish.
  • -A cotton wrap has been wrapped over the handles of the swords.
  • -The Bokkens are Wakazashi length.
  • -A plastic guard and securing ring are included with the bokkens.
  • -This set includes two bokkens.
  • Overall Length:31.5 "
  • Blade Material:Wooden
  • Blade Length:22.75 "
  • Condition:Brand New

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