Authentic Battle Ready Viking Long Sword 36 1/2"


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Superior battle ready performance exists in this high carbon steel blade that shines with professional excellence. The full tang of the blade runs through the sturdy handle for supreme durability, displaying Authentic posture in both reenactments and sword play. A beautiful fuller centers the blade and meets a central ridge towards the end, extending the capabilities and blade performance. A full carbon steel hand guard protects your hard grip on the tacky genuine leather handle grip. Behind the stitched leather lies wooden inserts and a full tang that you can feel when striking a mark. A solid steel pommel weighs the rear of the handle and each sword is individually balanced to provide quick, stable, and accurate handling.

The Authentic Battle Ready Viking Longsword comes with a wooden scabbard with leather wrap. The leather is stitched and each scabbard is hand made to fit the sword. Steel fittings on the throat and base make the scabbard durable, even when weighted by the sword. It fits into most Medieval longsword frogs. Inside the scabbard is a soft lining that will absorb fluids from the blade and keep the oil spread smoothly. Oil and cleanliness of the sword is important to prevent rust from occurring on the high performance carbon steel. Please keep your sword oiled and clean from moisture for maximum performance.

This sword comes with a dull edge for safety and reenactments. It can be professionally sharpened for use in combat or practice.
Note Sword Frogs item Numbers IN6508 and IN6507 our not Included 

* sword in video is not the item for sale

Overall Length: 36.5 Inches
Blade Length: 30.25 Inches
Blade Thickness: 4.3mm
Blade: Full Tang, Double Edge, Non-Sharp
Blade Material: High Carbon Steel, Battle Ready
Fuller: 22.5 Inches, Double Sided
Central Ridge: 8 Inches, Double Sided
Guard: 6.75 Inches Wide, High Carbon Steel
Handle Length: 4.5 Inches, Full Tang
Handle: Leather Wrapped, Stitched Over Wood
Scabbard: Wooden, Leather Wrapped, Stitched

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