Handmade Sakabatou Samurai Reverse Blade Katana Sword 40 1/2"


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Due the popularity of the factory made Kenshin Sakabato this hand made practical version was forged. The Sakabato are not found historically in Japanese swordsmanship and have only recently become popular with the Manga character Kenshin.

Since Kenshin gave this sword its main stream birth the sword is seen as almost benevolent. However, one of the origins of this sword is from a tanto named the kubikiri. One translation of this term is the the doctor's knife, but another translation is head cutter. This sword excels at chopping and short cuts. Since the samurai focused so much on these strikes it seems like this is a sword with a not so benign spirit.

Please note that the one tier stand is not included with the sword.

  • Blade: The blade is hand forged with a mirror polished finish and razor sharp edge. The aesthetic hamon is found along the inside curve of the blade with a bohi opposite, against the shinogi. The kissaki has been reversed and even though the kissaki acts like a false edge it is razor sharp.
  • Saya: The saya is hard wood with a glossy black finish. The sageo is black cotton cord.
  • Tsuba: The tsuba is a composite steel with a patterned texture and four cut outs. A brass habaki is at the beginning of the tsuba with brass seppa. The tsuba ends in a another brass seppa and a blackened fuchi. The tsuba also features a kogai hitsu-ana and kozuka hitsu-ana for securing the sword to your hand.
  • Handle: The handle is wrapped in imitation ray skin with a black cotton cord wrap. Two menuki depicting a ninja are on each side of the handle. A single mekugi (bamboo pin) secures the tang to the handle. The kashira is blackened steel with another ninja on the pommel.
  • This sword can be completely disassembled for maintenance.
  • Overall Length: 40.5 "
  • Kissaki Length: 1.4 "
  • Blade Length: 27.5 "
  • Scabbard Length: 29.75 "
  • Handle Length: 11 "
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Blade Thickness: .295"
  • Blade: Razor Sharp
  • Blade Width .936 "
  • Handle Material: Imitation Ray Skin wrapped grip & Red cotton cord
  • Condition: Brand New

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