Knights Templar Holy Sword of Peace 22"


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Knights Templar Holy Short Sword of Peace. The stainless steel blade is double edged and polished nicely. It is followed up by the black aluminum guard, handle, and pommel. The handle is very detailed and features 100% coverage of design. The Knights Templar insignia is engraved into the pommel and proudly reflects the prosperity of their duty. Just like the handle, the sheath features all the same designs and a golden chain on each side.

The Knights Templar:
The Knights Templar were a group of knights who first started guarding the lands around Jerusalem from bandits. At their beginning, they were known as the "Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon", or just "Templar" knights. As their success grew, so did their advocacy. They were sponsored by the church and received money, land, tax exemptions, and other noble rights. Eventually, they became an order that was Holy and popular. As the Muslim worlds united, the tide had turned on the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were driven from the holy land and were involved in many campaigns.

Overall Length: 22 Inches
Blade: Short Sword, Double Edge, Stainless Steel
Guard: Black, Aluminum
Handle: Black, Aluminum
Pommel: Black, Aluminum
Sheath: White, Black, ABS Material
Features: Golden Chain On Sheath

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