Musashi Daisho Samurai Katana Sword Wakizashi 2 Piece Set


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"If you hold a sword with both hands, it is difficult to wield it freely to left and right, so my method is to carry the sword in one hand"

-Miyamoto Musashi

Although a Samurai can fight with only the Katana, the complete warrior fights with both the Katana and Wakizashi. This is the way of Niten'ichi or "two swords as one". This was the style Musashi created and used to defeat over 60 opponents in duels alone.

The Set includes: Katana, Wakizashi, Wooden Two Tier Table Stand, and Two Cloth Sword Bags.


  • Blade: The blades have been hand made from 1065 high carbon steel in a Maru lamination. The blades are through hardened with an aesthetic hamon along the cutting edges. A bo-hi has been added to the top of the blades to lighten the weight of the blade and give audible feedback when the sword is swung correctly.
  • The swords come full tang and very sharp.
  • Saya (Scabbard): The sayas of the swords are wooden with a high gloss black finish. The Kurigatas are wooden with bright copper rings. The sageos are black cotton. The koiguchis are wooden with hardened rims.
  • Tsuba (Guard): The tsubas begin with one piece brass Habakis. The Tsubas are black steel alloy created in the legendary double ring Musashi design.
  • Tsuka (Handle): The Tsuka is traditionally made with all authentic materials. The wrap is black cotton over ray skin. There are two Mekugi securing the tang of the sword and two oxidized dragon Menukis. The Fuchi and Kashira are black steel alloy.

  • Katana Overall Length: 39.5 "
  • Wakizashi Overall Length: 29.175 "
  • Nagasa Length: 28.5 "
  • Nagasa Length: 20.5 "
  • Tsuka Length: 10.875 "
  • Tsuka Length: 8.5 "
  • Thickness at Habaki: 0.29 "
  • Thickness at Habaki: 0.3 "
  • Kissaki Length: 1.5 "
  • Kissaki Length: 1.5 "
  • Blade Material: 1060 Carbon Steel
  • Blade Material: 1065 Carbon Steel
  • Weight of Katana w/o Saya: 1.80 LBS
  • Weight of Wakizashi w/o Sheath: 1.65 LBS
  • Condition: Brand new


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