Munetoshi Bonsai T10 Handmade Samurai Wakizashi Sword Differential Harden Blade Burgundy 26 3/4"


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Our Matsu katana is a light, fast, powerful cutter that proves itself time and time again, not unlike the hearty, strong trees growing on the rocky bluffs that grace many fantastic works of art throughout history. The wakizashi, bearing the same motif, is just as impressive as its larger counterpart. As this small blade shares both theme and ability with the larger version, we have chosen to call it the Bonsai.

The bonsai trees are designed to perfectly recreate beautiful plants found throughout nature, only on a much smaller scale. The twisted, gnarled trunks of ancient giants are re-created in a small package, likewise the delicate branches of the cascading cliff trees set up high in their miniature pots. Our Bonsai takes everything that makes the Matsu great, then shrinks it down into a nice, clean, fast wakizashi that would fit well at anyone’s side.
  • Detailed Specs of the Katana:
  • Blade: The blade of the Wakizashi has been constructed from T10 carbon steel. The hamon has been authentically created and features a Gunome design with a prominent Nie line. The Kissaki is a Chu-Kissaki design with a Midare-komi turn back.
  • The blade comes full tang and very sharp.
  • Saya: The Saya features a glossy burgundy lacquered finish and bull horn Koiguchi. The Sageo is black chemical fiber.
  • Tsuka: The Tsuba is blackened steel in a cut out sukashi design of a tree. The Tsuka features one smoked bamboo Mekugi. The Ito is black chemical fiber. The samegawa (ray skin) is white with large emperor nodes. The Fuchikashira are antiqued steel with a simple, plain theme.
  • Overall Length:26.75 "
  • Blade:Very Sharp
  • Nagasa Length:19"
  • Blade Material:T10
  • Tsuka Length:6.25 "
  • Niku:Slight
  • Blade Thickness @ Habaki:0.28"
  • Sori:0.46"
  • Blade Thickness @ Kissaski:0.204"
  • Kissaki Length:1.593"
  • Blade Width @ Habaki:1.239"
  • Blade Construction:Mono Steel
  • Blade Width @ Kissaki:0.907"
  • Hamon:Gunome
  • Weight W/O Saya:1.575 lbs
  • Balance Point:4.5"
  • Tsuba Material:Steel
  • Hardness of Yakiba:58 HRC
  • Ito & Sageo Material:Chemical Fiber
  • Fuchi Kashira Material:Alloy
  • Sword Name:Bonsai
  • Mekugi:Smoked Bamboo Single Mekugi
  • Condition:Brand New
  • Manufacturer:Munetoshi

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