Highlander Blue Open Mouth Katana Sword

Highlander Blue Open Mouth Katana Sword


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Forged from carbon steel, this sword is an authentic replica of the blade Adrian Paul used from Season 2 through Season 6 of the Highlander television series. The exquisite ivory-colored handle is crammed full of intriguing imagery with each side of the shaft embedded with a ruby-colored gem. This stunning handle has an ornate dragon's head Kashira (butt cap) which seems ready to breathe out flames at any moment. Bearing the inscription HIGHLANDER, the blade features an aesthetic Hamon (temper line) added down its edge with a Bo-Hi (fuller) added to the top to even out the weight and provide an audible feedback. The sword comes full tang (Double Pegged) with a Chu-Kissake and the Saya (scabbard) has been constructed from wood with a blue high gloss lacquered finish. A matching gold and blue cord Sageo (cord) is tied around the wooden Kurigata (a small handle built into the scabbard) while the Koi-Guchi is constructed from bullhorn. It is also adorned with an intricately designed Tsuba (round guard at the end of the grip). The guard and the fittings are gold color cast metal.

Overall Length: 43 inch
Blade: Very Sharp
Blade Length: 28 inch
Blade Materials: High Carbon Steel
Handle Length: 13 inch
Accessories: Sword Bag

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