1060 Carbon Steel Tanto Blade - Yukki-Onna


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This sword is humbly named after the Japanese folklore ykai (spirit) Yuki-onna, for having skin white as snow, and a ruthlessly strong prowess. The tip of the 1060 carbon steel blade is sharp and has a quick taper. This is a real, functional tanto blade, meaning you would use it in battle or to cut anything with it. It will hold it's own in a fight, but you must keep the blade oiled so it does not decay, as with all functional 1060 carbon steel blades. Keep in mind it is sharp right out of the package, but for safety reason, we only sharpen it enough to form the proper edge. It will cut, but professional sharpening will give it a razor sharp edge.

Overall Length: 15.5 Inches
Blade Length: 9.375 Inches
Blade Thickness: 7mm
Blade: 1060 Carbon Steel, Japanese Tanto
Habaki: Solid Brass
Tsuba: All Metal, 6mm Thick
Tsuka: Wooden, Ray Skin
Tsukamaki: Nylon Wrap
Tsukakashira: All Metal, Cast Detail
Saya: Wooden, Gloss White Piano Finish
Includes a Cloth Sword Bag

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