Samurai Katana and Kodachi Dual Set


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Manufacturer Part Number NFS848BK
Shipping Length 44
Shipping Width 6
Shipping Height 6
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This set has two weapons inside one. First, it has a long samurai katana and the second, a Kodachi. The katana is the main weapon of the samurai and it is used mainly for battles. While the Kodachi is the companion sword. A Kodachi is the shortened version of a sword and it is usually below 60 cm. The Kodachi may be used after a katana is compromised in battle or just for the samurai to practice seppuku.

The handles for both the weapons are wrapped with a nylon cord. Each has a unique symbol on the handle. The blades are forged with carbon steel and they have a serrated design on them. This gives them high endurance and maximum durability. This is a complete set for all the samurai lovers.

Overall Length: 41 Inches
Length of Katana: 38 Inches
Length of Kodachi: 28.5 Inches
Material: Carbon steel
2 in 1 scabbard included

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