Ultimate Tensa Zangetsu Ichigo Bankai Sword


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Manufacturer Part Number BAS-542
Shipping Length 48
Shipping Width 6
Shipping Height 6
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All anime fans are familiar with the Zanpakuto that Ichigo carries with him. This is the ultimate tensa zangetsu form of that sword. It is the form that the sword acquires when it gains a lot of power. We have made a few changes here to cater to this form. First of all the scabbard has a blade like curve as well for an extra cool look. The chain is extra long and goes the full length of the sword. The guard is all metal with a lot more spiky and edgy feel to it. The blade is high carbon steel with a all black anodized construct. It also features three spikes on the spine. So if you want to unleash its full potential this is the version of the sword to get!

Overall length: 41"
Blade Length: 27"
Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Handle length: 11"
Handle: Black Nylon Wrapped Over Red Faux Ray Skin
Includes: Black Rosewood Scabbard with Blade Curve

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