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10 Best Pumpkin Cutting Swords

It’s that time of year…

Everyone knows that the best part of Halloween isn’t dressing up or carving Jack-O-Lanterns…it’s the annual smashing of the pumpkins on November 1st!

This year, it’s time for you to step it up a notch. Don’t dirty your boot by stomping on it or blandly carry the old pumpkin to the dumpster like a pansy. Instead, hack it to bits with a sword like a real man!

To help you decide which weapon to choose, we at HeavenlySwords.com have compiled a Top 10 List of best swords for cutting pumpkins.

Without further ado:

10.) The Paul Chen Zatoichi Blind Fury. That cute little orange pumpkin will never see you coming! The Paul Chen Zatoichi Blind Fury is a straight katana that is sleekly disguised as a walking stick, enabling you to tap into your inner James Bond. The fully functional carbon steel blade is 28.5” long, so you can hack at multiple pumpkins with one swipe. Think economies of scale, slasher style!

Retail price: $119. Our price: $99.

9.) The Dungeon Master’s Claw. Do you have a dark side? Have you converted your basement into an elaborate S&M dungeon? (It’s okay to say yes, we’re not here to judge!) If so, the Dungeon Master’s Claw is the perfect way force those old pumpkins into submission and show them who the real boss is. Throw it like a ninja star or just randomly hack into it, whatever you feel like. Hell, you can even tie the pumpkin up beforehand for good measure. The four individual blades measure only 2.5” in length, so you won’t do too much damage…just enough for the pumpkin to feel it.

Retail price: $34.95. Our price: $29.98.

8.) The Double Bladed Katar. If you have refined taste and prefer stabbing to slicing, the ornate and elegant double bladed katar is the perfect weapon. This Patrick Bateman-esque weapon features two jagged blades and an adjustable wristband for added comfort. Mutilating pumpkins has never been easier, or more fun!

Retail price: $39.99. Our price: $28.98.

7.) Butterfly Swords. If you have plans for your pumpkin after you chop it to bits (a nice stew, perhaps?), butterfly swords are the way to go. They slash, chop and can even trap any weapons that the pumpkin might unexpectedly yield at the last minute. Basically, they’ll do everything except make you a cup of coffee and an omelet in the morning. Weighing in at 37.1 ounces and measuring 20.25” long, the high carbon steel blades are practically designed to kick some pumpkin ass. Retail price: $349.99. Our price: $289.99.

6.) The Berserk Dragon Slayer Sword. If it can slay a dragon, the pumpkin sitting on your porch doesn’t stand a chance. Enough said, right?

Retail price: $99.97. Our price: $71.98.

5.) The Napoleonic Rapier. For those of you who have a serious case of short man syndrome, the Napoleonic Rapier is the way to go. With 35 full inches of weapon at your disposal, pumpkins will fear you. Women will love you. Men will envy you. Plus, it comes with two different finishes: gold and antique silver. (Be sure to pick the finish that matches your Hummer!)

Retail price: $58.50. Our price: $38.50.

4.) The Helmet of Darkness. Okay, so this isn’t exactly a sword. But for those who like to think outside of the box, it’s the perfect weapon for pulverizing pumpkins! Plus, the options are virtually endless. You can wear the Helmet of Darkness and then head butt the pumpkins until they’re pulpy. Or, you can toss a pumpkin into the air and try to catch it on one of the five stainless steel blades. With the Helmet of Darkness, you’re limited only by your imagination.

Retail price: $299.99. Our price: $134.99.

3.) The Cinthorc Sword of Justice. Like the name implies, the Cinthorc Sword of Justice will punish any and all pumpkins that have been in your way for the past several weeks. The sentencing of the pumpkins is entirely up to you, but the sword does come with a free art print to give you inspiration. We suggest throwing the pumpkin in the air, and then slashing at it with the sword, baseball-style.

Retail price $185. Our price: $139.98.

2.) The Japanese Naginata. They may not celebrate Halloween in Japan, but this sword doesn’t know that. It looks as though all 63” of it has been specifically designed to slay pumpkins with style. The carbon steel blade will cut through the pumpkins like a hot knife through butter. Samurai tested, Sensai approved.

Retail price: $75. Our price: $53.98.

1.) The Black Legion Battle Axe. Here we are, number one on the list! The Black Legion Battle Axe deserves to be at the top of all lists, not just this one. Directly from the mind of fantasy artist Kit Rae, this vicious weapon is so fierce it comes with a certificate of authenticity! Wield this and watch the pumpkins cry before putting them out of their misery.

Retail price: $170. Our price: $128.

Now that your are all jacked up and wanting to slay some pumpkins…remember safety first! We are not responsible and don’t want to hear about anyone loosing a limb! (Though we do want to see you film it.)

Glamdring Sword from Lord of the Rings

Glamdring SwordThe Lord of the Rings is an epic high fantasy novel written by the English philologist J. R. R. Tolkien. In these stories, Gandalf is an archetypal wizard taking a key role in the War of the Ring. He is a leader in the Fellowship of the Ring and the army of the West.

Glamdring Sword is an ancient sword carried by Gandalf, an old powerful wizard and friend to Frodo Baggins. This massive sword is super cool. In the series, the Glamdring magical sword glows in the presence of any enemy and it serves Gandalf in his mission to aid the Fellowship of the Ring. It was made by ancient Elves, and is inscribed with runes in the Elven language that say the sword was forged for Turgon, The King of Gondolin.

Now you can buy the exact replica of the sword used by Sir Ian Mckellan in the Lord of the Rings films made by United Cutlery. This collectible is a must have for any fan of the LOTR books or movies.

Sword Specifications:

  • Massive Overall Length: 47 – 5/8″
  • Blade Length: 36″
  • Blade Thickness: 1/4″
  • Blade is made out of tempered 420 J2 stainless steel.
  • Handle is unique. Solid metal crossguard and pommel with antiqued metal finish and engraved Elven Runes. Genuine leather-wrapped handgrip. Rat-tail tang construction.
  • Plaque has a wood grain finish with silk-screened designs. Plaque Size: 10″ X 16-1/2″ X 5/8″

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Cool LOTR Resources:

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Top 10 Swords for Halloween 2008

Top 10 Swords for Halloween.

It’s that time of year again…the time when adults get to act like kids and drunkenly run around town in costume. If you were to do it in February, you’d be considered crazy (and maybe even get arrested). Around the end of October, however, anything goes. So, if your costume idea doesn’t include a Sarah Palin mask and gravitates more towards World of Warcraft, Zelda or Lord of the Rings, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of the top 10 swords for Halloween that will take your getup from “Average Joe Six-Pack” to something more, uh, kickass,

10.) The Sword of Strider. If you’ve got longer hair and a natural rugged look, dressing up as Strider (also known as Aragorn) could be a great idea. Measuring 35.75” in total length with a blade made out of stainless steel, you’ll be sure to win over lots of female elves. A black leather sheath is included for extra protection, because this is on case where latex just doesn’t do the trick. Retail price: $89.99. Our price: $51.99.

9.) Batman Throwing Stars. Okay, so these aren’t exactly swords, but quit being so nit-picky. For the Batman enthusiast, these are the coolest things going. Crafted out of stainless steel and measuring 8” in length, they’re the perfect accessories to a black rubber one-piece suit. Here’s a cool party trick for when you’re out at the bar: instead of playing a game of darts with the lame plastic-tipped spears that the bar provides, chuck a few of these at the board instead. If the bouncer gives you any shit, point to the emblem on your chest and say “I’m Batman”. He’ll run to his mother in fear, and the ladies will flock to your side. Retail price: $24.99 for a set of two. Our price: $12.97.

8.) The Dagger of Arya. This sword is for the ladies who love Aragon and want to get their Ayra Drottningu on for Halloween. It goes great with a strapless gilded mini-dress and can deftly slice through a crowd of brutish Urgals (you know, if you’re feeling particularly stabby). As an added bonus, the 17” dagger comes with a leather scabbard. Retail price: $95.95. Our price: $70.

7.) The King Leonidas Sword. Unleash your inner Spartan with the King Leonidas Sword. Simple, elegant and deadly, it makes the perfect companion to a classic toga and Roman sandals. The razor sharp 26” blade will ensure that you kick Persian ass wherever you go, while the 8.5” leather-wrapped metal handle will help you to keep a good grip on the weapon. Leather sheath included (not that you’ll need it). Retail price: $94.88. Our price: $57.98.

6.) Immortal Swords. You know, we can’t all be King Leonidas. If you’re shaped more like a troll than a fearless hero, perhaps it’s best to go as an Immortal for Halloween. Plus, if you’re hopelessly ugly, you can hide your miserable face from the world with one of our Immortal Masks! Regardless, no Immortal costume is complete without this 31” authentic replica sword. Highly detailed, the handle is intricate and the scabbard is polished. Who doesn’t like a shiny scabbard? Retail price: $68.99. Our price: $34.98.

5.) The Kill Bill Bride’s Sword Set. This is another one for divas who dig daggers (see what I did there, with the alliteration?). Girls, it’s time to pour yourselves into a yellow jumpsuit, because this sword set will take your costume to the next level. The two swords have 12” handles and 29.25” stainless steel blades that are perfectly encased by the hardened acrylic and metal katana scabbards. If the best revenge is looking good, you’ll be all set this Halloween. Retail price: $70. Our price: $59.99.

4.) The Battle Axe of Gimli. If you’re on the shorter side of average and don’t feel like dressing up as an Immortal for Halloween, consider rocking a Gimli outfit! Your cloak and beard will keep you warm and cozy on a cold October night, but your authentic Battle Axe of Gimli will show everyone that you mean business. It’s double handed and measures almost 38” in length, perfect for touching hard-to-reach places (like a woman’s breast, depending on how short you actually are). Retail price: $170. Our price: $69.99.

3.) The Sword of Crom from Conan the Barbarian. Do you have thick muscles and a way with women? Then maybe you should grease yourself up, slip into a modified Speedo and hit the streets dressed as Conan the Barbarian for Halloween! There’s a reason this sword is near the top of this list, and when you lay eyes on it you’ll see why. “Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom” is etched into the stainless steel blade, which measures 29” long. When girls at the bar ask you what Crom is, you can take them to the bathroom and show them (after all, you are a barbarian). Retail price: $89.99. Our price: $64.97.

2.) Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirates of the Caribbean Cutlass. Yo ho ho and a bottle (or ten) of rum! Speaking of hos, you’ll be pulling them in like crazy with your authentic Caribbean cutlass. It’s amazing what a little guyliner and a long, thick sword and can do for you in ladies department. This sword has been given an aged finish that’ll make you look a little older and more sophisticated than any other weapon on this list. Retail price: $99.99. Our price: $69.99.

Number 1 this year is…

Link’s Master Sword. HELL YES! This is one sword that doesn’t even need an explanation. You’ll be the hit of the night dressed up as Link from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You’ll have your choice of party princesses when you whip out this Master Sword, complete with Triforce seal engraved on the 46” blade. Retail Price: $82.99. Our price: $45.97.

Naruto Zabuza Sword

Zabuza Sword Zabuza is a dangerous assassin who seeks out to kill all in his way. Zabuza was a member of the Kirigakure village (Village Hidden in the Mist.)

His ability excels in silent killing and stealth and is a legend among ninjas, hailing from the Hidden Mist Village (also known as Bloody Mist Village). When he was a young boy, he killed over 100 students even though he wasn’t a ninja.

He had a friend, named Haku and seeked to kill Gato, Tazuna, and of course, Kakashi. After Haku died, Zabuza sacrificed himself to kill Gato, who had disrespected Haku. As we all know, he also fought and came close to killing Kakashi…

In Japanese, Zabuza Momochi means “he who never strikes twice”.

We are proud to bring you Zabuza’s Sword! Take your Naruto cosplay and costume playing to a whole new level!

Zabuza’s weapon of choice is the giant Decapitating Carving Knife (Kubikiri Hōchō), an oversized, broad sword that is later wielded by Suigetsu Hozuki. The circle cut out of the top and the semicircle near the handle, as demonstrated by Suigetsu later in the manga, seem to fit its purpose of decapitation aptly. Its handle also appears to be retractable, as its handle is very short when shown on Suigetsu’s back but becomes significantly longer by about four times when he fights with it.

Zabuza Sword specifications:

  • 48″ inches of flesh ripping power
  • 440 stainless steel
  • Black leather sheath
  • Ninja sharp

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