William Wallace Sword

The beastly William Wallace Sword is pictured below, thanks to wielder, Kris. Kris carried the legendary sword during last weekend’s Texas Renaissance Festival.  His buddy, also Kris, wields the Highlander Sword – Macleod Broadsword 50 Inches! below.


Kris stands alone.











Before swords are drawn…











… and AFTER! 









Group Photo!











Pictured above: William Wallace Sword (left) and Highlander Sword – Macleod Broadsword 50 Inches! (right).

A special thanks to Kris and his friends for sharing their pictures of their awesome Medieval Swords.


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Customer Photos!

It is time to show us what you’ve got!

We are excited to announce our new Customer Photos section here at el blog de Heavenly Swords. From swords in costumes to practice weapons in motion and everything between, we want to see them all.

Whether you have a photo of your sword in action or just one of you standing next to it, we want to see it! Or maybe you just have a really cool shot of your sword you want to share. Whatever it is, as long as there is a sword in the picture and the sword has been listed on our site, the possibilities are endless!

Simply email your photo to us at contact (at) heavenlyswords.com and after it is approved (yes, we do have to approve the picture), we will post it to our site!