Naruto: Weapons Galore!

Naruto first burst into the manga scene in 1997. From there it grew into an anime series of 220 episodes. The animated series debuted in Japan in 2002, and slowly made its way to the Americas, gaining loads and loads of fans in the meantime. It’s become one of the best selling manga series, selling over 126 million copies in Japan alone. Yes, I looked it up on wikipedia.

I mean, the series is awesome. The writers and illustrators have created an intricate and complex world. One that is unique yet relatable, where its characters fight enemies, both external and internal, and struggle to achieve their dreams. All of this set in a fantastic landscape. It’s funny, poignant, heartbreaking and just… really engaging.

The main character is Naruto Uzumaki. Twelve years before we begin our journey with him, a terrifying creature called The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked his village. To defeat this demon, the village leader sealed this monster inside the body of a newborn boy. This boy was Naruto.

Naruto was abused and mistreated his entire childhood because of this, unbeknownst to him. But he is determined to become the village leader someday, so he leaves his home to train to become a ninja. There’s so much more to the story, but I honestly don’t think I’d do it justice. You gotta watch it! You can catch it all on Adult Swim, or online at anytime.

Take your Naruto fandom to the next level with these awesome replicas. We have lots of weapons from the series available. Here are just a few:

Red Kunai Warrior Set

Perfectly balanced, this three piece set is made of stainless steel and comes with a durable nylon sheath. Nice and compact, each kunai is about 5 inches long.


Kunai Uzumaki Naruto Manga Set of 3 Throwing Knives

These are just a little bit more hardcore. They’re 6 1/2″ long, super sharp black stainless steel and the handle is wrapped in black nylon. Careful, these are battle ready.

Zabuza Sword and Stand

Become a true Japanese warrior with this massive piece of weaponry. It is 40” long with a 29” stainless steel blade. It comes with a free wood stand, so you can display it with pride. Careful, this is a formidable sword.

Musha Sasuke Uchiha Naruto Anime Sword

Streamlined and gorgeous, you don’t need to be a Naruto fan to appreciate the simple beauty of this item. It has a 27” two-toned carbon steel blade. It is 38” overall with a white wooden handle and matching scabbard. It has a single black stripe running the length of the scabbard and handle, and a red ninja symbol.

Naruto Shippuden Ninja Trench Knife

This super sharp little knife may only be about 9” long, but it has lots of power. It has a stainless steel trailing point blade, and white cotton wrapping around the knuckle guards. Sleek and effective, this knife is indispensable for any ninja warrior. It includes a sturdy sheath and a belt loop.





What To Buy Those Who Play It All

For those of us with gamers in the family, it can be difficult to find appropriate gifts. Not being a gamer myself, I’m often stumped when it comes to shopping for my fellow gamer friends.

Though I thoroughly enjoy watching them kill zombies, traversing through harsh terrain, or finding whatever item they’re questing for (it’s like a movie to me, happening in real time), the gaming bug has yet to bite me. So when it’s time to get birthday and Christmas presents, I end up having to go on a dangerous quest of my own.

Luckily for you and me, Heavenly Swords carries a few great gifts that would make the gamer in your life squeal. Yes, actually squeal like a school girl. It’s a sight to see…

God of War – Twin Blades of Chaos

My friend Dave LOVES God of War. He would flip-out if he opened a gift box to find this inside. They are to Twin Blades of Chaos, the chosen weapon of Kratos, the God of War himself. Or rather, they chose him:

“The Blades of Chaos, forged in the foulest depths of Hades. Once attached the blades remained so, chained and seared to the flesh, a part of the bearer’s body…”

Crazy stuff. This pair has stainless steel blades with cast aluminum guard and pommel. A steel chain binds them together. It comes with a custom wood display plaque, so they can be mounted on the wall with pride.

Ninja Gaiden Katana Sword

Ninja Gaiden first started as an arcade game in 1988. It has been gaining fans ever since. This revolutionary game was the first console game to have the story presented in cinematic cutscenes. A true pioneer, and a timeless classic. Any serious gamer would completely appreciate you getting them such a meaningful gift. This sword is 41”, and the gold detailing really make it a unique and beautiful piece.

Legend of Zelda – Mini Princess Replica Sword with Shield Display 17″

Everyone who’s ever heard of video games in general, knows about Zelda. This classic game has a lot of history, guaranteeing a squeal from anyone who receives this detailed replica. The front bears the Hylian Royal Family Crest, and the Triforce symbol. Link, the hero of the game, used a Hylian shield when he was a child. The swords are each 17”, making for a beautiful wall display.

Prince Of Persia Dagger 16″

The Prince of Persia game was first created and released for the Apple II computer in 1989. A later reincarnation, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time came out in 2003, which inspired the film released in 2010. The game has endured the test of time, and this finely crafted piece of memorabilia will too. This stunning dagger is 16” and comes with a wood stand, so it can be displayed by the owner.

So there you have it. There’s nothing more thrilling than watching fantasy come to life. With these gifts, you can give the gamer you love a little slice of what they see on the screen every day.


Crazy Awesome Gifts: Under $20!

So you have a friend’s birthday coming up, and only $20 to spare. How can you afford a decent gift with that kind of money? Well, easy. Check out Heavenly Swords, where you can find tons of awesome, scream-inducing gifts at an affordable price.

Here you can find truly unique gift ideas for the pickiest fella or gal in your life. I picked out some suggestions for ya.

For those who love their weapons:

Dagger of Vlad the Impaler

Just look at this gorgeous piece of amazingness! It’s less than fifteen bucks! It is 15” long, made of 440 stainless steel, and comes with a red velvet-like box, making for an incredible display. Whoever you buy this for will think you spent hundreds of dollars!

Bolo Machete Battle Ready Full Tang 19″

This impressive piece will be a wonderful addition for any sword collector. At 19”, it’s pretty substantial, and at a price of $18.99, it won’t leave you bankrupt. The Bolo Machete is known throughout Asia as an indispensable survival tool, but also, it’s just beautiful.

Paul Chen Hanwei Sword Oil

If your gift-getter loves swords, chances are they’ll appreciate this gift. This specially formulated oil will protect and shine all their weapons, keeping them in pristine condition for years to come. And it’s only twelve bucks!

For the movie lovers:

Indiana Jones Style Leather Bullwhip

Who doesn’t love Indy? Any lover of the film will be giddy with excitement to receive these 8 feet of fun. At only $19.50, you’ll be recreating scenes from the movie with your friends in no time. Don’t forget to bring the camera!

Batman Bat Neck Knife / Necklace

This deceptive necklace will make any Batman lover say “Whaaat?!” It has a magnetized scabbard that holds the sharp thrower in place, protecting the wearer from the sharp edges. It comes with a 30” metal chain, and it’s 4 ½” wide. Not too big, just large enough to still be wearable. You can’t get a cooler gift for $16.99.

For the survivalist:

Bear Grylls Gerber Basic 8 piece Survival Kit

This survival kit is only $19.99, and it comes with everything you’ll need if you’re stuck out in the wilderness. It’s small enough to carry in a purse or backpack, and with Bear Grylls seal of approval, you can’t go wrong!

All Stainless Steel Camping Knife

A practical gift for anyone who loves camping, or just wants to be prepared. It’s a take-apart set that includes a fork, spoon, knife, opener and cork screw. It comes in a nylon case with a belt loop. It’s small and durable, easily stored, and it’s only $15.99.
So there you are. A totally acceptable list with a little something for everyone. Who says you have to break the bank to get someone a gift they’ll actually like? Unique gifts don’t have to cost you your entire paycheck. Happy shopping, everyone!


Armageddon: Just In Case

If you’re at all like me, when you were a child you had an innate fear of the end of the world. Movies and The History Channel didn’t help much either. As I grew up, my fear became more of an awareness. A realistic notion that eventually something could happen. A natural disaster of some sort might come my way, and it never hurts to be a little bit prepared. There are certain things one should never be without when the shizz goes down. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Adventure Medical Pak Plus Pocket Survival Kit

This small kit contains everything you’ll need to survive for a few days, should something unforeseen happen. The very first thing you’ll need is access to clean water, and this kit comes with 6 water purification tablets, in addition to the usual survival kit items. It also comes with a small survival knife, an LED flashlight, and fire starters. All that along with other indispensables, like a compass, safety wire and sewing thread, not to mention actual instructions as to how to use them. It’s pretty comprehensive, and it’s small enough to carry in your pocket or purse, hence the name.

Army Tank Spring Assist – ‘Legal Automatic’ Knife

How are you going to get anything done without a knife? I recommend this one because it’s small and has a built-in clip, so you’re sure not to lose it while you’re making your way out of wherever you end up. Say you’re stuck in your car and you need to get out fast. This knife comes with a seatbelt cutter and a glass breaker. It could literally save your life.

Bear & Son Bear Jaws

You’re going to need tools! This I learned from my father. He never goes anywhere without his Bear Jaws clipped to his belt, and he’s never at a loss when things need to get done. Invest in these, and you’ll find endless ways to use them. They’re an every day tool, not just an emergency tool.

Blackhawk Battle Bag

What if you get hurt? This small bag carries everything you’ll need if you get a nasty cut and don’t have access to medical treatment. It also comes with antihistamine, because there’s nothing like a bad case of allergies when you need to be alert; along with aspirin and ibuprofen, to ease your pain. Additionally, it comes with a pre-cut and shaped fracture/sprain bandage and instructions.

Blackhawk 3 Day Assault Backpack

But where are you going to put all that stuff? This backpack is durable and has enough room for all your necessities. The inside has a pouch to fit an optional 100 oz. Blackhawk hydration reservoir system, for extra water. It comes equipped with sleeping bag straps and has padded shoulder and waist straps. Trust me, you’ll want those after walking for miles on end.

Elite Forces Black Survival Bracelet

Last but not least, comes a survival tool in an unlikely package. This is a pretty cool looking bracelet that can be unraveled to produce over 9 feet of survival cord.


What Time Is It? Adventure Time!


My favorite show of all time is an animated, 11 minute series called Adventure Time. It’s about two brothers, a human boy named Finn and a magic dog named Jake. Jake’s parents adopted Finn after finding him crying in the woods as a baby. Anyway, they go on adventures together. Adventures full of danger and dragons and wizards and Finn’s favorite, dungeons!

As I was watching this week’s episode, I thought to myself, “What kind of weapons would Finn and Jake use if they were in a real dungeon?” Assuming there would be dragons and monsters in it, of course. After looking through Heavenly Sword’s selection, I came up with a few items that would make Finn shout, “Mathematical!”

Classic Japanese Black Samurai Katana Three piece Sword Set and Stand

Anyone who watches the series knows that Finn and Jake are obsessed with ninja stuff. They would go banay-nays for this three piece sword set. The end cap of the scabbard is a demon with its wings spread and a flower above it. I could totally see Jake giving this to Finn for his birthday.

Fantasy Dagger Set

Is it just me, or does this dagger set look a lot like Finn’s golden sword? This would be perfect to fight off some skeleton warriors! The handle features an antique bronze and silver finish, and it comes with a black belt sheath for easy access.

Wooden Viking Shield Buckler 29″

This functional shield would be great to deflect The Ice King’s ice lightning. It’s a good size and super sturdy. It is made of hardwood with steel decorative strips and rim. Its back is covered in felt, for comfort. It also has arm straps for easy handling.

Pair of Medieval Gauntlet with Brass Accents

Finn loves finding the occasional gauntlet in a dungeon, but if he had this pair of medieval gauntlet he would never have to go without. The brass accents make them unique, and the leather lining makes them easy to wear. No problem handling your sword in these guys!

Medieval Suit Of Armor Breast Plate and Shoulders

No hero goes into battle without a little armor. This 18 gauge carbon steel breast plate also protects your back and your shoulders. It has adjustable straps, so it will fit a variety of sizes. Finn would be well protected in this powerful piece.

Scottish Dirk by Cold Steel

Every warrior needs a cool sword. Finn has many swords in his arsenal, but this Highland Short Sword is not only beautiful, but functional too! It has a 13” blade and comes fully sharpened, so it’s totally ready for battle. The attractive leather scabbard and Rosewood handle complete this gorgeous piece of equipment.

Whether saving princesses from evil kings, or making their way through a creepy labyrinth, Finn and Jake would be ready for anything with these weapons in tow. The Lich wouldn’t stand a chance! Now you can be ready too, in case you ever need to make your way out of a dungeon.