Sword Care 101: Keep Those Swords Looking Spiffy!

So you did it. You took the plunge, and now you’re the proud owner of that one sword you’ve been staring at for weeks. Maybe you even bookmarked the Heavenly Swords page, so you could take a look while you’re at work, and picture the gleaming beauty prominently displayed on your mantle.

Or maybe your collection is already getting sizable. You started with a Samurai sword set, of course, but have now moved more into hand forged, battle ready pieces. Perhaps you’re into Medieval weapons and armor… Whatever your taste, learning how to properly care for your swords is paramount for anyone who owns one of these majestic weapons.

In this post I’m going to talk about the various ways in which to care for your sword. There are sharpeners, different oils you can use, and even cleaning kits, all so you can keep your sword in tip-top condition for decades to come.

Many swords become family heirlooms, and are passed down from father to son for generations. Keep your swords in pristine condition, so that in the future, your kids can display them as proudly as you do today. Here’s a rundown of the basics:

AccuSharp Knife Sharpener

This is a basic, easy to use sharpener. There’s no need for oils or stones. It is made of tungsten carbide and will never rust, even if you run it through the dishwasher. This USA made piece of equipment can not only be used on daggers, but on house knives, axes, hoes and even serrated edges.
Arkansas Sharpener Superstick

This sharpeners is also very easy to use, and will make any sharp edge super-mega sharp. It requires little care, just wipe it down when you’re done. It is ceramic, and can be used on anything from small pocket knives to big butcher knives.

Combo Stone Sharpener

This one includes aluminum oxide stone on one side, and Arkansas stone on the other. What I like about this one is that it comes with a sharpening guide, for those of us new to sword care. The stone is nestled in a cedar box for safe storage. Also made in the USA.

Deluxe Sword Cleaning Kit

This attractive kit comes with everything you need to keep your katanas looking awesome. It can be used for all your weapons, from Medieval daggers, to Samurai swords, to Machetes… if it has a metal blade, it can be made gorgeous by this kit. It includes a brass awl and hammer to easily dismantle your sword (for your katanas), a bottle of Choji Oil to prevent rusting (for all your blades), rice paper for oil application, a container for your oiled papers, along with some other stuff. It comes in a nice wooden box for safe storage.

These are just a few from our extensive selection of products to help you take good care of your swords. We have sharpeners and oils to maintain the swords of even the most discerning blade owners. Let Heavenly Swords help you keep these prized possessions looking like new forever.






Crazy Awesome Gifts: Under $20!

So you have a friend’s birthday coming up, and only $20 to spare. How can you afford a decent gift with that kind of money? Well, easy. Check out Heavenly Swords, where you can find tons of awesome, scream-inducing gifts at an affordable price.

Here you can find truly unique gift ideas for the pickiest fella or gal in your life. I picked out some suggestions for ya.

For those who love their weapons:

Dagger of Vlad the Impaler

Just look at this gorgeous piece of amazingness! It’s less than fifteen bucks! It is 15” long, made of 440 stainless steel, and comes with a red velvet-like box, making for an incredible display. Whoever you buy this for will think you spent hundreds of dollars!

Bolo Machete Battle Ready Full Tang 19″

This impressive piece will be a wonderful addition for any sword collector. At 19”, it’s pretty substantial, and at a price of $18.99, it won’t leave you bankrupt. The Bolo Machete is known throughout Asia as an indispensable survival tool, but also, it’s just beautiful.

Paul Chen Hanwei Sword Oil

If your gift-getter loves swords, chances are they’ll appreciate this gift. This specially formulated oil will protect and shine all their weapons, keeping them in pristine condition for years to come. And it’s only twelve bucks!

For the movie lovers:

Indiana Jones Style Leather Bullwhip

Who doesn’t love Indy? Any lover of the film will be giddy with excitement to receive these 8 feet of fun. At only $19.50, you’ll be recreating scenes from the movie with your friends in no time. Don’t forget to bring the camera!

Batman Bat Neck Knife / Necklace

This deceptive necklace will make any Batman lover say “Whaaat?!” It has a magnetized scabbard that holds the sharp thrower in place, protecting the wearer from the sharp edges. It comes with a 30” metal chain, and it’s 4 ½” wide. Not too big, just large enough to still be wearable. You can’t get a cooler gift for $16.99.

For the survivalist:

Bear Grylls Gerber Basic 8 piece Survival Kit

This survival kit is only $19.99, and it comes with everything you’ll need if you’re stuck out in the wilderness. It’s small enough to carry in a purse or backpack, and with Bear Grylls seal of approval, you can’t go wrong!

All Stainless Steel Camping Knife

A practical gift for anyone who loves camping, or just wants to be prepared. It’s a take-apart set that includes a fork, spoon, knife, opener and cork screw. It comes in a nylon case with a belt loop. It’s small and durable, easily stored, and it’s only $15.99.
So there you are. A totally acceptable list with a little something for everyone. Who says you have to break the bank to get someone a gift they’ll actually like? Unique gifts don’t have to cost you your entire paycheck. Happy shopping, everyone!


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