Movies With Swords: Legend

Legend is a British-American adventure fantasy film. It was released in 1985, and has gathered a serious cult following ever since, myself included. I grew up watching this film on VHS over and over… fascinated by the juxtaposition of light and dark, good and evil, opposing forces that cannot exist without the other. Of course, at the time I wasn’t aware of the reason I enjoyed it so much… I mean, I was a kid…

But isn’t that the case with all great films? We love them, but we don’t know exactly why until we sit down and really think about it. A good movie won’t beat you over the head with its message, but subtly suggest it to your subconscious, until one day you’re like, “yeah, I get it!”

In one of his most iconic roles, Tim Curry plays bull-like lord of all things evil. Horrifying, but super awesome. The actor’s entire body was encased in prosthetic make up that took over five hours every morning to apply. More an art film than a regular adventure film, it received mixed reviews when it first came out. But like most things ahead of their time, it has grown to be one of the greatest fantasy films ever made.

This dark fairytale is not afraid to scare you, to show a world that’s enchantingly beautiful, but also terrifying. It’s a throw back to ancient fairy tales. Tales told by the fire hundreds of years ago, warning young children about the darkness that lies inside us all.

Tom Cruise plays Jack, a “forest child” and innocent. When a unicorn is wounded, and his beloved Lily captured, he is forced to become the world’s Champion, donning gold armor and a huge sword. All ends well, of course. Jack kills the Lord of Darkness (Curry) and the unicorns are saved.

Now if you’ve ever wanted to dress up as Jack for Halloween, I’m sure you had a tough time finding gold armor. Luckily I have here a few options to help you create a decent Jack costume.

Celtic War Sword w/Sheath 31″

This sword is an exact replica of the ones used by the Celts. The handle is solid wood with solid brass guard and tip. Granted, not exactly Jack’s sword, but it’s thick enough, and heavy enough to fit the bill. The brass accents give it that gold-like look.

Chainmail Shirt

Jack wore solid gold chain mail in the movie, but a little spray paint is all you need to turn this quality piece of armor into Jack’s own apparel.

I love this movie. It’s a tradition in my house to always watch the old VHS when someone’s sick. Yes, I still have it from when I was a kid. Its particular brand of nostalgia cures even the worst cold. If you would like to honor your love for this movie too, Heavenly Swords can help you recreate the weapons and armor necessary. Now get a blanket and sit on the couch…it’s Legend time!


What Time Is It? Adventure Time!


My favorite show of all time is an animated, 11 minute series called Adventure Time. It’s about two brothers, a human boy named Finn and a magic dog named Jake. Jake’s parents adopted Finn after finding him crying in the woods as a baby. Anyway, they go on adventures together. Adventures full of danger and dragons and wizards and Finn’s favorite, dungeons!

As I was watching this week’s episode, I thought to myself, “What kind of weapons would Finn and Jake use if they were in a real dungeon?” Assuming there would be dragons and monsters in it, of course. After looking through Heavenly Sword’s selection, I came up with a few items that would make Finn shout, “Mathematical!”

Classic Japanese Black Samurai Katana Three piece Sword Set and Stand

Anyone who watches the series knows that Finn and Jake are obsessed with ninja stuff. They would go banay-nays for this three piece sword set. The end cap of the scabbard is a demon with its wings spread and a flower above it. I could totally see Jake giving this to Finn for his birthday.

Fantasy Dagger Set

Is it just me, or does this dagger set look a lot like Finn’s golden sword? This would be perfect to fight off some skeleton warriors! The handle features an antique bronze and silver finish, and it comes with a black belt sheath for easy access.

Wooden Viking Shield Buckler 29″

This functional shield would be great to deflect The Ice King’s ice lightning. It’s a good size and super sturdy. It is made of hardwood with steel decorative strips and rim. Its back is covered in felt, for comfort. It also has arm straps for easy handling.

Pair of Medieval Gauntlet with Brass Accents

Finn loves finding the occasional gauntlet in a dungeon, but if he had this pair of medieval gauntlet he would never have to go without. The brass accents make them unique, and the leather lining makes them easy to wear. No problem handling your sword in these guys!

Medieval Suit Of Armor Breast Plate and Shoulders

No hero goes into battle without a little armor. This 18 gauge carbon steel breast plate also protects your back and your shoulders. It has adjustable straps, so it will fit a variety of sizes. Finn would be well protected in this powerful piece.

Scottish Dirk by Cold Steel

Every warrior needs a cool sword. Finn has many swords in his arsenal, but this Highland Short Sword is not only beautiful, but functional too! It has a 13” blade and comes fully sharpened, so it’s totally ready for battle. The attractive leather scabbard and Rosewood handle complete this gorgeous piece of equipment.

Whether saving princesses from evil kings, or making their way through a creepy labyrinth, Finn and Jake would be ready for anything with these weapons in tow. The Lich wouldn’t stand a chance! Now you can be ready too, in case you ever need to make your way out of a dungeon.


Takeda Shingen Kabuto & Mempo by Hanwei

Takeda Shingen was an aggressive warlord in the Sengoku period. He was the first born of Takeda Nobutora, leader of the Takeda clan and lord of the province Kai. Takeda took control of the clan at 21. He and his followers forced Takeda Nobutora into retirement – an act that displays his true overpowering ability. Being a lord of the land, or Daimyo, was a prestigious position during the 10th century. Daimyo were extremely powerful and directed a large number of samurai.

Our Takeda Shingen Kabuto and Mempo by Hanwei are superbly constructed with beautiful and intricate detail. The helms of the great Samurai Takeda Shingen among others are replicated by this model. This is a museum quality replica, hand crafted by metalsmiths of Hanewei with the greatest of attention to detail.

This helmet and facemask is fully wearable and is supplied with a display stand for a fantastic decoration piece! Please don’t miss out on this beautiful archaeological treasure!


  • Weight: 7lb 8oz
  • Box Height: 20 ¼”
  • Box Width: 17 ½”

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