Crazy About Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is a film series based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy novels. The first in the series was released in 2001, and of course, it took the world by storm. Never before had an audience been transported so successfully into a vast world of fantasy. A world of elves and hobbits, where the culture of each character was so intricate and full-fledged, it was difficult to believe they weren’t real.

It’s this exacting attention to detail that made both the books and the movies so popular. It’s almost as if Tolkien was simply relating his former travels to us, describing, rather than creating these people. I fell deeply in love with all the characters, and was moved by both the good guys and the bad guys. Those Orcs were scary and really gross, it was hard to even look at them! Which is the mark of a well-made villain, if you ask me. While the good guys were pristine, innocent, full of kindness and generosity.

It’s easy to like a story that so clearly defines the boundaries between good and evil. It leaves you feeling like there’s justice in the world, like the good guys will always win, even if it seems impossible. It’s a comforting idea, albeit kind of unrealistic. I can see how audiences flock to it even today, decades after the book was first released.

The world Tolkien created seems so real, it’s hard to resist trying to recreate it at home. Well, now you don’t have to. Bring the fantasy to life with tons of LOTR gear! Heavenly Swords has your back, my friend!

Sword of the Witch King Lord of the Ring

Now this is impressive. This sword is an exact movie replica of the sword carried by the Witch-King, the leader of the nine Ringwraiths who were the chief servants of the Dark Lord, Sauron. It comes with its own certificate of authenticity and silk screened display plaque. It is a massive 54” long, and will leave anyone who visits your house feeling super jealous.

LOTR Orc Blade Fantasy Sword

Now you can own the weapon wielded by some of Middle Earth’s creepiest creatures. They are described as man-shaped, roughly man-sized, ugly and filthy, and are only able to destroy, not to create. Orcs are cannibalistic creatures that seem to feel no pain in battle. Not to mention they are some of the most memorable evil characters in all of literature. This sword is made of stainless steel with a wooden handle and display stand. It measures roughly 36”.

Glowing Sting Sword

Possibly the most impressive movie replica ever, this sword actually glows! It is fully licensed and authorized by New Line Cinema. It is cast from the same molds used for the original film’s prop. The handle’s sliding switch selects three different modes: “OFF,” “ON,” and “ORC.” The “ON” position will make Glowing Sting simulate the sounds of war when struck against other objects. “ORC” mode activates an audible hum and the signature blue glow that announces the proximity of orcs.



Thoughtful Gifts for The One You Love

Sometimes we don’t want to wait until a birthday or holiday to show our appreciation of the people we love. I always considered the random thoughtful gift to be way more meaningful than the hastily bought, obligated gifts of say, Valentine’s Day. A box of chocolates? Wow. How original. Am I right?

So let’s start a gift revolution. Let’s give presents to the people we love just because we want to. Just write something like, “Happy Thursday” on the card. I promise you, the gift-getter will be so happy at the surprise, they won’t even care it’s not a special day. Any day can be special, if you share it with someone you love.

And what’s more, let’s step away from traditional gifts. I swear, if I get one more scented candle, I’m going to throw it across the room. I don’t care who gave it to me. So what can you get someone that is original, unexpected, and unbelievably cool? Heavenly Swords has got your back on that one. Here you can find amazingly clever gifts for anyone who’s ever seen a movie, or played a video game. Pretty much anyone who’s ever been a kid would love this stuff… and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we all start out that way?

These are just a few suggestions. We’re adding new products every day, so make sure you browse it up!

Cobra Dagger w/ Stand

This guy is pretty and menacing at the same time. Not to mention he’d look awesome on a bookshelf. Any guy or girl who’s into cool looking weapons would love this.

Apocalyptic Zombie Decapitator Sword

Do you love zombie movies? Are you certain it’s only a matter of time before the shizz goes down? Then be ready to kill some undead with this affordable, yet fully functional razor sharp sword. The heavy duty nylon sheath with shoulder strap is included.

Caribbean Gray Pirates Flame Acrylic Sword Cane

Does someone in your life use a cane? Get them this kickass piece of equipment, so they can strut their way down the sidewalk. The dagger style blade is made of stainless steel and doesn’t come sharp, but this cane is still one bad mamma-jamma.

Snow White Sword

The movie was really good. The sword is really pretty! Any girl who’s a fan of Kristen Stewart will want to own the sword that helped her destroy the evil witch (brilliantly played by Charlize Theron), and win her kingdom back. Who says girls don’t like weapons?

Dragon Armor with Samurai Sword Letter Opener

How cute is this miniature! It’s the perfect item to personalize your loved one’s desk at work. The Samurai sword is a letter opener and it’s not sharp, so it’s safe to keep at work. The Japanese armor is a beautifully detailed replica of the kind of armor a Samurai warrior would wear on his way to battle.

We have so many great products, I can’t even wrap my head around listing them all. We have armor, ninja gear, pirate stuff, survival stuff, movie replicas, anime replicas, a crazy selection of katanas and other japanese awesomeness, and we’re adding more stuff every day!




Kill Bill: Swords For Everyone

Few movies capture the violent beauty of a good martial arts film like Kill Bill does. Much less with a bunch of fierce female assassins. Kill Bill was released in two parts, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. It’s a mad thrill ride by Quentin Tarantino, where we follow Beatrix Kiddo (aka The Bride, aka Black Mamba) as she seeks revenge on the group of fellow assassins who tried to kill her and her unborn child. We watch as she slices through dozens of people with her trusty Hattori Hanzo sword, which the man forged especially for her. Especially so she could seek revenge on the infamous Bill.

She makes a list of all the people responsible for her tragedy. One by one she finds them, and kills them. With stellar performances from not only Uma Thurman, but Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox, Daryl Hannah and David Carradine himself, this film was an instant classic. Tarantino drew inspiration from action films he loved as a child, referencing such classics as Game of Death, the 1978 Bruce Lee movie, Once Upon A Time In The West (1968), Lady Snowblood (1973), and Fists of Fury, another Bruce Lee classic of 1972. For a really cool montage go here. All those movies are awesome and worth watching on their own.

Quentin Tarantino created a masterpiece, seamlessly blending together several genres and decades of cinema into one cohesive and undeniably engaging piece. The weapons created for the film were unforgettable, and you can have your very own collection. Now you can be ready in case the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad ever comes looking for you. Here are just a few:

Kill Bill Bride Sword Full Tang Battle Ready

The true star of the the entire film, this sword was at the very least Uma Thurman’s costar. Without it the movie wouldn’t have been the same, and now you can have your very own battle ready Hattori Hanzo sword. It is 40” long, with a lacquered hardwood scabbard and a table stand, for easy display.

Kill Bill 2 – O-ren Ishii Samurai Katana

In the most memorable fight sequence of the decade, Uma Thurman sliced through Oren Ishii’s gang, the Crazy 88, just to have a chance at hand to hand combat with Oren Ishii herself. Now you can own her iconic sword. This unique piece is beautiful, and deadly.

Musashi Kill Bill Budd’s Sword 38 3/4″

The man who buried Black Mamba alive owned one of the last Hattori Hanzo swords ever crafted. Now you can have this exact replica, complete with the engraving Bill left. It states, “To My Brother Budd, The Only Man I Ever Loved -Bill” It comes extra sharp and is over 38” in length.

Kill Bill – Handmade Bills Sword

This is a hand forged replica blade is crafted from the finest quality 1045 carbon steel and measures 41” overall. Fashioned after the movie original, this sword comes with its own black cotton sword bag and black lacquer sword stand so you can display it proudly, the way Bill would.




Valiant Armoury Swords

The crew at Heavenly Swords is proud to carry these beautiful creations by Valiant Armoury in our inventory. Valiant Armourny swords are medieval collectibles that are designed to be real swords. We currently have four gorgeous available. Each are hand forged by the finest craftsmen and fully functional. Wear any of these with pride.


Celtic Sword – This sword brings its wielder back to the days of pre-Christian Ireland, conjuring up images of such hearoes as Cuchullain or Conn of the Hundred Battles. It features a massive 27.5” leaf shaped hand forged blade, Anthropomorphic handle with steel guard and pommel, and comes with a leather sheath.

Medieval Falchion – The Falchion can be found amongst the 11th through 16th centuries. It is essentially a one-handed, single edged sword coming from Europe but with a design similar to the Persian scimitar and Chinese Doa. This fearsome weapon features a beautifully wrapped Macassar Ebony handle, solid steel crossguard, and will literally take your breath away when you first lay your hands on it.

Rhinelander Sword – With dashing S-curved guard, this sword of German descent was prominent in Europe around the 15th century. Featuring a great balance and 45” overall length, you can effectively swing this sword with great power. Comes with a leather scabbard. 

Sword of Nobility – This Sword would be welcomed to any Knight’s collection. It was inspired by the legendary crusades of the middle ages from the late 13th to 14th centuries, hence the flared cross guard which resembles a crucifix. It can be easily wielded with a single hand. Scabbard Included.

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The Mithrodin by Kit Rae

Mithrodin Sword by Kit Rae
The Mithrodin… Ahh, what a sword. This member of Kit Rae’s Sword of the Ancients collection is an absolutely breathtaking piece of artwork. It was forged by Toukol and features his maker mark which says “Honor ruled by steel” in Annundtal. For the whole story of this and other Swords of the Ancients, visit Kit Rae’s website.

The detail of this sword is out of this world. I can do my best to share the details about this sword, but words really cannot do this one justice.

The Mithrodin is no little display piece. Its 22 ¾” blade and 42 ¾” overall length make this one monster of a decoration piece. We will start with the pommel, which is actually a claw or sharp beak of some sort with a nice curve to it. The handle holds a surprising resemblance to that of a katana. The hilt really stands out with this sword along with the guard which features a lot of the Kit Rae sword decorations and a cool fin-like design. The blade features a wicked curve with sharp, pointed peaks on the spine. Angelical runes are etched in the blade near the hilt (where the classic Kit Rae logo can be found as well) and the decoration continues down to the midpoint of the blade.

Although this sword is not functional, it has a pretty good feel to it. It is pieced together nicely and is very sturdy. This does not mean that it would necessarily be a good idea to start swinging it at even light targets – just know that it is able to withstand more than most other display swords!

Some features of this sword include:

  • Individually serialized pieces
  • Solid Metal Handle Parts with an antique metal finish
  • Genuine leather wrapped grip
  • 22 ¾” 420 stainless steel blade
  • 42 ¾” overall length
  • Comes with a sweet Color Art Print and Certificate of Authenticity

Check this out and our limited edition Avoloch Mithrodin Autographed Sword today! You can find these and others in our Fantasy Weapons section!

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