Paper Cranes Daisho

Paul Chen is now making its own Tamahagane steel, resulting in one of the most valued achievements of Paul Chen/Hanwei history – the Paper Crane daisho.  The Paul Chen Paper Crane daisho are a remarkable mastery of Paul Chen’s sword making arts.  The Daisho’s name reflects on origami cranes which decorate the Tsuba plus Fuchi/Kashira.  These swords represent the Japanese theater with thespian masks on the Menuki.

A Tatara is built and fired with charcoal, which creates an extremely pure steel from iron sand, also known as “Kera.”  It is broken into high (“skin”) and low (“core”) carbon steel pieces.  The skin is forged/folded and then wrapped around the core.  The result is forged into a blade.  The Hada and white particles of the Hamon are formed by careful heat treating and polishing.  The result is an astonishing, fully functional blade.

The Paper Crane Katana and Paper Crane Wakizashi are two exciting elements of this fantastic set.  Each featuring a hand woven silk Sageo, these swords are truly elegant pieces.  The Saya of the Katana features a Kozuka, which is a small knife, whereas the Saya of the Wakizashi houses a Kogai – a hair pick!

Paper Crane Katana

Paper Crane Katana Specs:

Overall length:  39 ¼”
Blade length:  28”
Handle length:   10 ¼”
Weight:  2lb 5oz

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Paper Crane Wakizashi

Paper Crane Wakizashi Specs:

Overall length:  26 ½”
Blade length:  18 ¾”
Handle length:   6 ½”
Weight:  1lb 10oz

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Fellow Sword Lovers, Meet Paul Chen.

Practical Katana

New Paul Chen Swords

We are excited to share our newest sword selections available here at HeavenlySwords!  Paul Chen, the founder of Hanwei, has created a phenomenal line of battle-ready, fully functional swords sought after by many Samurai professionals!

You will find a plethora of new choices within our store – most even come with a sword bag and/or cleaning kit.  From the Performance Series to the Classic Series and beyond, our new Paul Chen Swords have a little something for everyone!

One of the most superb advancements in the katana line of Paul Chen/CAS Hanwei was the release of the Performance Series.  This series features four blade variations (Katana, XL, XL Light, and Iaito) and four formats (Practical, Practical Plus, Musashi, and Tori) so that sword enthusiasts and martial artists together can find exactly what they are looking for – right here at HeavenlySwords!  Included in this group is the Practical Katana, the Musashi XL Light Katana, the Practical Plus XL Katana, and the Tori Iaito.

Paul Chen’s Classic series: Traditional.  Affordable.  Historically accurate.  Every sword enthusiast and martial artist needs at least one of these beautiful masterpieces of Paul Chen/Hanwei!  Choose from the Kami Katana, Tiger Tanto, Orchid Wakizashi, and many more in this series.

We are also offering the swords Hanwei has recently started making its own Tamahagane per the traditional method.  By using a fiery hot furnace and sweltering iron sand, optimal results have unraveled.  Among these results are the Paper Crane Katana and Paper Crane Wakizashi – both of which are of the highest quality available.

The list continues to go on.  Outside of our two major categories of Paul Chen beauties remain several other distinguished pieces.  Offering the Zatoichi, Water Song, even the Paul Chen Nami Iaito, we are proud to have these magnificent pieces available to you!

Whether you are a sword collector or professional, there is something for you in our new Samurai Swords section!  These items are smokin’ hot (and not because they just came out of the Tatara!) – act fast while supplies last!