Everybody, Let’s Bring Back the Cane!

Ok, so a certain reality TV husband had a mild obsession with this particular accessory. He walked around New York with a cane in his brightly colored suits and frankly, he looked like a pompous idiot. But don’t let this man ruin this once manly and sophisticated addition to an ensemble. I have a feeling he was what he was before he ever bought a cane… ya reckon’?

But I digress. The cane can be a pretty awesome thing, if used appropriately. There’s a time and a place for everything, am I right? Let’s say you’re going to some super fancy affair, get a cane my friend. You’ll look amazing. Let’s say you hurt your ankle, why not use this opportunity to use a cane in style, not the ugly metal one your doctor gave you.

Bottom line, if you’re gonna use a cane for whatever reason, it might as well be a cane you can be proud of and show off to your friends. If it has a hidden sword in it, even better! It’s like carrying a secret weapon everywhere you go… who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Heavenly Swords has canes for every taste. Sword canes at that! Wear them confidently. Own the cane. Here are a few of my favorites:

Revolver Cane Sword .45

Whaaa?! This is a cane sword with the handle shaped like a revolver! How cool is that? It is 37” long and it is modeled after the .45 Army Special. The casing of the gun and handle is solid aluminum with a classic gun antique finish. The gun cylinder looks and feels authentic, and it spins on its axis like a real revolver!

Caribbean Gray Pirates Flame Acrylic Sword Cane

This sword cane looks simple and elegant from afar, but when you get up close, you can see the skull and flames detail, making it perfect for someone looking to wow a few people. It has a whopping 15” blade inside, made of stainless steel.

Cord Wrapped Wolf Engraved Hardwood Walking Stick

This 55” walking stick is perfect for an outdoorsy type. This can become your trusty walking stick when you go hiking or exploring through the woods. It has a clear gloss finish for durability, and the wolf engraving give it a beautiful detail.

Two Face Black Joker Cane Sword With Lighting Eyes

Looking to complete your Joker costume? This cane is perfect for you! The eyes light up red with LED lights. There’s a discrete switch on the handle. It is 37” overall, with a long 19” stainless steel blade inside. Perfect for cosplay, or just someone who really loves The Joker.

Sword Cane – Elegant Executive

If you’re looking for something more subdued you can take to the office, this is the cane for you. Perfect for someone who needs to use a cane on a regular basis, but doesn’t want to always carry a flashy, attention-grabbing piece. This cane features a 12” stainless steel blade, it is brown with a detailed nickel trim for a sophisticated look.


Goonies Never Say Die! Or: Why I Want To Be A Pirate

This past weekend I saw for the (probably) hundredth time one of my favorite movies ever, The Goonies. I’m pretty sure this film is the reason my life just never seems interesting enough. I’m also pretty sure it’s the reason I’m obsessed with pirates. Not the scary real-life Somali type, of course… But the always awesome, big hat, puffy shirt, eye patch, peg-leg, swords type.

This movie came out in 1985, and like Legend, I still own the original VHS tape. There’s something so nostalgic and wonderful about the terrible resolution and sound that I love so much. It wouldn’t be the same if I finally sprung for the DVD, though I’m sure it has some great special features. But I digress, in case you’ve never seen it, The Goonies is a comedy/adventure film written by Chris Columbus. He’s responsible for most of the ‘80s classics we all love and remember, like Gremlins, Adventures in Babysitting (Elizabeth Shue in the best role ever!), and Home Alone. Not to mention he directed the first two Harry Potter films. This guy is legendary. Steven Spielberg was the executive producer. Need I say more? Together with director Richard Donner, they created a timeless adventure classic that seamlessly combines the terror of being a pre-teen, with the courageous spirit of unlikely heroes.

The movie is about a group of 12 year-old friends who live in the Goon Docks of Astoria, Oregon. They call themselves “The Goonies”. They’re all about to lose their houses to a jerky developer who wants to turn their neighborhood into a golf course. Desperate to save their families, the four quirky characters end up embarking on a life-changing journey to find One-Eyed Willie’s treasure. Sounds good? Well, there’s more. The treasure map leads them to an abandoned Inn, where unbeknownst to them, a family of criminals called The Fratellis is hiding out. These kids just can’t catch a break!

The rest is just perfection. This film is funny, thrilling, heart-warming, and endlessly quotable. With a cast of characters you won’t soon forget, you’ll be doing the truffle-shuffle in no time, and shouting, “Fifty Dollar Bill!” at the top of your lungs.

To satisfy any Goonie’s lust for adventure, Heavenly Swords has all the pirate awesomeness you could ever want. You can make One-Eyed Willie proud with their huge selection of pirate gear. Here’s just a few to get you started:

Genuine Pirate Sword

With a golden doubloon detail in the scabbard, this sword is over 32” long and has a stainless steel blade. The brass accents make it a beautiful show piece, or the perfect addition to your pirate ensemble. This is just one in their extensive selection, so go take a look!

Pirate Gold Skull Coin Pendant

This pendant comes in a set of twelve. Give the guests at your pirate-themed party a party favor they’ll really appreciate. This is a super cool necklace both men and women can wear, it has a gold finish and an adjustable nylon chord. Your kids will love it too!

Pirate Skull Sword Holder

One-Eyed Willie, is that you? It could be… This wall mount will hold your cutlass in case you need it in a hurry, and scare the pants off anyone who walks into it at night.



Pirate Swords, and a little BBQ too.

Pirate Ahoy, me hearties! Here lies the treasure to end all treasure hunts! Grab one o’ these fer yerself or be walkin’ the plank!

The cutlass is likely the most associated weapon of pirates by modern society.  Our Pirate Cutlass is an excellent replica of this kind of sword. It was commonly used among them and is one weapon that would keep working even after all the ammo was discharged from their guns. As it is shorter than other swords and has a broader, more sturdy and curved blade, these swords were excellent for fighting in close proximities in smaller areas, like on or below deck.

The cutlass is likely the most associated weapon of pirates by modern society. Our

With 32.5 inches in overall length, this intimidating weapon features a stainless steel blade, a sturdy metal handle, and a leather finish, it is no wonder that this style of sword is the pirate’s most favored!

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Whilst on the hunt for fine weaponry, feast your eyes on this fabulous Swashbuckling BBQ Sword! Yes, you read that right – a barbecue SWORD! You can use this fire BBQer to cook some fabulous weenies or sausages and to ward off any unwanted guests (aka hungry neighbors).