The Tomahawk: A True American Weapon

Anyone looking to honor America’s rich history should look into owning at least one Tomahawk. They are one of few weapons that originated in this continent, merging both Native American and European technology. They combined the metal head of a European axe with the ancient wood and antler made weapons used by Native Americans. European colonists would trade the metal heads for food and provisions. And thus, the modern Tomahawk was born. According to Wikipedia, the name comes from Powhatan tamahaac, derived from the Proto-Algonquian root *temah- ‘to cut off by tool’.

Tomahawks are part of our ancestor’s history, and are revered to this day, as beautiful weapons for display, and for sport. And the tradition is still alive and kicking today, as there are hundreds of events throughout the country every year that feature Tomahawk throwing competitions. These are often part of a historical reenactment, where people dress, speak and act as if they were back in colonial times.

What I found most interesting while researching this uniquely American weapon, is that some Tomahawks are both a pipe, and a fully functional axe. Apparently they were created by Europeans to give to Native Americans as a peace offering. They were symbolic of the choice both Europeans and Native Americans faced whenever they met: one end represented peace (the pipe), the other war (the axe). To fight, or to make peace… a difficult choice that didn’t always end in a smoke.

Whether you’re into Tomahawks for the competition of it, or you just want to own a piece of history, Heavenly Swords has a wide array of both peace pipes and sporting Tomahawks. They make beautiful displays, but can also be used as throwing axes. Here are a few of my favorites:

American Tomahawk Comanche

This is the quintessential sporting Tomahawk. 16” long overall. It is made of black Teflon coated stainless steel, with full tang construction. Axe head has a cutting edge on one side and a 2 1/2″ double edge dagger blade on the other. On top of all that, it’s made in the USA.

Black Tomahawk Throwing Battle Axe

Made of stainless steel in a Midnight Black finish, this throwing axe is perfect for someone looking to get into the sport. Beautiful and deadly, you can display it, or you can train with it.

Tactical Takedown Battle Tomahawk

This is no reenactment, this axe will take you down! Made of 1045 surgical steel with a black finish, it comes super sharp and ready for battle. The head is specially designed for optimal balance and aerodynamics, for perfect aim.

Fully Functional Tomahawk Peace Pipe

Honor your ancestors with this beautiful peace pipe. It is fully functional, so it’s perfect for reenactors, and the stainless steel head features a detailed engraving. Smoke some tobacco and make peace with your neighbors with this piece of historical memorabilia.

Tomahawk Peace Pipe – with Wood Handle

This another authentic looking peace pipe complete with faux fur and leather covering on the handle. The blade is made of 440 stainless steel, and the wooden handle is also a fully functional pipe.





Naruto: Weapons Galore!

Naruto first burst into the manga scene in 1997. From there it grew into an anime series of 220 episodes. The animated series debuted in Japan in 2002, and slowly made its way to the Americas, gaining loads and loads of fans in the meantime. It’s become one of the best selling manga series, selling over 126 million copies in Japan alone. Yes, I looked it up on wikipedia.

I mean, the series is awesome. The writers and illustrators have created an intricate and complex world. One that is unique yet relatable, where its characters fight enemies, both external and internal, and struggle to achieve their dreams. All of this set in a fantastic landscape. It’s funny, poignant, heartbreaking and just… really engaging.

The main character is Naruto Uzumaki. Twelve years before we begin our journey with him, a terrifying creature called The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked his village. To defeat this demon, the village leader sealed this monster inside the body of a newborn boy. This boy was Naruto.

Naruto was abused and mistreated his entire childhood because of this, unbeknownst to him. But he is determined to become the village leader someday, so he leaves his home to train to become a ninja. There’s so much more to the story, but I honestly don’t think I’d do it justice. You gotta watch it! You can catch it all on Adult Swim, or online at anytime.

Take your Naruto fandom to the next level with these awesome replicas. We have lots of weapons from the series available. Here are just a few:

Red Kunai Warrior Set

Perfectly balanced, this three piece set is made of stainless steel and comes with a durable nylon sheath. Nice and compact, each kunai is about 5 inches long.


Kunai Uzumaki Naruto Manga Set of 3 Throwing Knives

These are just a little bit more hardcore. They’re 6 1/2″ long, super sharp black stainless steel and the handle is wrapped in black nylon. Careful, these are battle ready.

Zabuza Sword and Stand

Become a true Japanese warrior with this massive piece of weaponry. It is 40” long with a 29” stainless steel blade. It comes with a free wood stand, so you can display it with pride. Careful, this is a formidable sword.

Musha Sasuke Uchiha Naruto Anime Sword

Streamlined and gorgeous, you don’t need to be a Naruto fan to appreciate the simple beauty of this item. It has a 27” two-toned carbon steel blade. It is 38” overall with a white wooden handle and matching scabbard. It has a single black stripe running the length of the scabbard and handle, and a red ninja symbol.

Naruto Shippuden Ninja Trench Knife

This super sharp little knife may only be about 9” long, but it has lots of power. It has a stainless steel trailing point blade, and white cotton wrapping around the knuckle guards. Sleek and effective, this knife is indispensable for any ninja warrior. It includes a sturdy sheath and a belt loop.





Knife Throwing: For Beginners

In this edition of the Heavenly Swords Blog, we bring to you knife throwing: the art of projecting a heavy piece of steel into a sturdy board. Knife safety is very important and we would hate to find out that any of you newbies out there cut off a toe or the tail of your neighbor’s cat because you used the wrong equipment or technique. So, here are a few tips on how to keep your fingers free from harm (as well as everybody else’s) when throwing…

Choosing the right Throwers:

Although you can typically throw any knife, the best to work with is one that is actually designed for the sport. If you use a hunting knife rather than a thrower, chances are you aren’t going to throw with as much accuracy nor will it withstand many thrusts into its target. So choose wisely. We recommend anything made by reputable manufacturers such as: Gil Hibben and his 12” Competition Thrower or Hibben Generation 2 Small Thrower or Kit Rae‘s Blackjet 8.5″ Thrower Triple Set.

Set Up:

Choose something sturdy, replaceable, and something that you won’t get whacked in the head for destroying (like that antique table in the attic that doesn’t belong to you). Pine wood is an excellent choice. If you can, nail the pine to an approximate 1” plywood board and attach that to two 2 X 4’s placed about 4 feet apart and dug deep enough into the ground to tolerate the blows of throwing.

Finally! How to Throw:

WARNING: Knives are capable of bouncing back so make sure your friends are behind you and watch out for yourself (and any small creatures hanging around) too. We know of a couple close calls.

Start out by standing 4-5 paces away from your target with the knife in hand at handle. Throw it at the target (while facing it) with a simple overhand pitch and keep it as straight as you can when you release to prevent it from spinning to the side. If the knife’s edge hits first, point facing up, move back a pace or so – if it hits facing down, move forward. After practicing like this, you will eventually figure out the knife’s natural one turn range. To throw a spin and a half or double spin, move back a few paces and throw. Once you get the hang of this, you can begin to work on your accuracy by creating a target on the board (marker, paper plates, etc). Do NOT try the apple technique yet. Please.

Once you master this, you can move on to advanced techniques.

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Disclaimer: Please be smart! By practicing with this technique you are agreeing that we at Heavenly Swords are not liable should you or anyone else (or anything) become injured or damaged.