Costume Contest Winner – No Recount Needed

From all of us in the Heavenlyswords offices – We’re happy to announce that we had a clear winner this year in the Heavenly Swords 2008 Costume Contest. No recount necessary!

First place goes to Carolann! Her stunning creation clearly took hours and hours of hard work. The final product was, well, top notch. Carolann’s costume was modeled after Shiva, from Final Fantasy. In her own words:

The costume is of Shiva from Final Fantasy and features an Ice sword I constructed myself out of silicone.  I also made the rest of the outfit and it has over 400 fabric triangles to making up the coat and shield.

Well done Carolann!

Special mention goes to our other top 2 finishers – Frank and Elliot – Both had great costumes (see pics 5 and 6)

Elliot sporting the Zabuza Sword

Thanks to all for your participation! We were flooded with entries and hope to have even more fun contests on the way. If you missed this one – you’ll have more chances to win coming soon!

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