Jungle Weapons: An Essential Guide for Survival

When looking through some of our new products that recently came in, I started singing to myself “Run Through the Jungle…”

Although it may be a bit unwise to run through unknown territory, it might be a little less risky to have some sharp steel on your person while doing such a thing… We have several products that would compliment such a trudge, if ever faced with the daunting task of survival amidst the depths of the jungle. Please allow me to share.

  • Amazon Antiqued Jungle Machete 28 ¼” – Everyone needs a machete in the jungle. Not only is it good for wading off predators but also for clearing paths to walk through. This machete you can wear with a back strap.
  • HUGE Full Tang Carbon Steel Kukri Machete 18” – With a dense, full tang blade, this heavy piece of steel will certainly be one of your most prized possessions amidst the thistle and weed in the jungle labyrinth.
  • Extra Sturdy Jungle King Hunting Knife w/ Sheath 12” – Hunting with a machete isn’t always ideal… should you need to skin a wild boar for dinner, a hunting knife would be a much better option.
  • Stainless Steel Survival Knife 10 ½” – I wouldn’t recommend anyone step foot into the wilderness without a survival knife. This one comes with a multi-function blade, first aid kit, compass, sling shot, and a sheath so you don’t gouge a hole in your leg when you trip over the brush.

Our inventory is still growing so keep an eye on our site!

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