Knife Throwing: For Beginners

In this edition of the Heavenly Swords Blog, we bring to you knife throwing: the art of projecting a heavy piece of steel into a sturdy board. Knife safety is very important and we would hate to find out that any of you newbies out there cut off a toe or the tail of your neighbor’s cat because you used the wrong equipment or technique. So, here are a few tips on how to keep your fingers free from harm (as well as everybody else’s) when throwing…

Choosing the right Throwers:

Although you can typically throw any knife, the best to work with is one that is actually designed for the sport. If you use a hunting knife rather than a thrower, chances are you aren’t going to throw with as much accuracy nor will it withstand many thrusts into its target. So choose wisely. We recommend anything made by reputable manufacturers such as: Gil Hibben and his 12” Competition Thrower or Hibben Generation 2 Small Thrower or Kit Rae‘s Blackjet 8.5″ Thrower Triple Set.

Set Up:

Choose something sturdy, replaceable, and something that you won’t get whacked in the head for destroying (like that antique table in the attic that doesn’t belong to you). Pine wood is an excellent choice. If you can, nail the pine to an approximate 1” plywood board and attach that to two 2 X 4’s placed about 4 feet apart and dug deep enough into the ground to tolerate the blows of throwing.

Finally! How to Throw:

WARNING: Knives are capable of bouncing back so make sure your friends are behind you and watch out for yourself (and any small creatures hanging around) too. We know of a couple close calls.

Start out by standing 4-5 paces away from your target with the knife in hand at handle. Throw it at the target (while facing it) with a simple overhand pitch and keep it as straight as you can when you release to prevent it from spinning to the side. If the knife’s edge hits first, point facing up, move back a pace or so – if it hits facing down, move forward. After practicing like this, you will eventually figure out the knife’s natural one turn range. To throw a spin and a half or double spin, move back a few paces and throw. Once you get the hang of this, you can begin to work on your accuracy by creating a target on the board (marker, paper plates, etc). Do NOT try the apple technique yet. Please.

Once you master this, you can move on to advanced techniques.

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Disclaimer: Please be smart! By practicing with this technique you are agreeing that we at Heavenly Swords are not liable should you or anyone else (or anything) become injured or damaged.

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