Movies With Swords: 300

“This is Sparta!”

The 2006 action film has left those words imprinted in the brain of anyone who saw it. A visual masterpiece, the film was shot with a “super-imposition chroma key” technique. Don’t ask me what that means, I just know it looked really cool. The movie is based on the critically acclaimed 1998 comic by Frank Miller. The artwork of the comic was so stunningly integral to the story, that the film makers had to adopt a similar look to mimic the environment these soldiers were in. I don’t think this film would’ve worked without it.

The story is narrated by a soldier named Dilios. He tells us what happened from his perspective, and creates a world where fantasy and fact become intertwined. He tells the legend, not the history, and we eat it up.

Dilios tells the story of Leonidas, from the encounter with a wolf that made him a man, to his becoming king of Sparta. When prompted by a messenger to submit to Xerxes, the kind of Persia, Leonidas kicks him into a bottomless hole. This of course, would lead to war… the rest is history. Literally.

Both the comic and the movie were based on the writings of Herodotus, widely regarded as one of the first historians in Western literature. His writings were put together into a book called “The Histories”, and they serve as a record of ancient traditions, politics and important events of the Mediterranean. It chronicles the rise of the Persian Empire, and tells a detailed account of the Battle of Thermopylae, where the real story took place.

The bottom line is, there once was an actual King Leonidas, and he really did battle an army of about 800,000 Persians with only about 300 men. In reality they lost, but his courage and sacrifice lived on. It lived on so long, that Gerard Butler depicted him in a movie almost 2,500 years later… Now that is fame. Not only that, but the tactics he used to fight the Persians are still used in battle today. How awesome is that?

So if you want to honor King Leonidas too, Heavenly Swords has a whole lot of Spartan stuff to help you!

300 – King Leonidas Sword

This detailed replica has a 26”, razor sharp carbon steel blade. It is 34” overall, and comes with a leather sheath and waistband.

300 – Spartan Warrior Shield

This is an exact replica from the movie. It‘s made from cast aluminum with a rubberized backing and has a thick wooden handle and an adjustable nylon strap for a perfect fit.

300 Spartan Helmet

You’ll feel like you traveled back in time when you put this helmet on your noggin.

300 Greaves

Your armor is almost complete with this set of greaves. They’re made of high quality steel and finished in antiqued brass for an authentic look.

And that’s only the beginning. Don’t forget to head over to our movie replica sections to check out the rest of our stuff. You’ll be a complete Spartan warrior in no time. Leonidas would be proud.





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